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Thanks a lot !

Thanks ! Yeah I think we could have added a bit more to the "How To" in the menu, or even a little tutorial.

Thank you :) We made it so every part of the character (skin, clothes, hair, hats, facial features and accessories) are independently made, so that we can shuffle these elements for each character. There are 4 skins, 14 clothes, 16 hairs, 5 hats, 18 facial features and 6 accessories, so if you were to check how many character possibilities there are, it would be : 4 x 14 x 16 x 5 x 18 x 6 = 483840 different characters :D

That's a good start !

No fancy gimmicks, but it works well enough as a megaman-like.

I'd add some sound effects and a bit more variety to the levels, but I understand it's hard to do in a game jam.

The sprite work on the character and the boss of the first level is really good !

Good job !

As a major fan of point & click adventures (especially Monkey Island), this is right up my alley !

The intro is amazing, having a voice actor in the team really gives it that much style.

I always like the kind of megacorp dystopian future, and it really nails that aspect.

I thought the puzzle were maybe a bit too tough (especially the wires one), and the key puzzle demands nigh perfect accuracy, which is pretty frustrating to be fair. I also would have made the inventory stand out a bit more.

Great game and great art !

A really good game ! I thoroughly enjoyed it !

The controls are good and the rebounding projectile makes for some interesting puzzles.

If I had to give some criticisms, I would say that the music is a bit quiet and that the character's speed is a bit too fast for the levels with multiple rows of turrets.

But it's a solid game, especially fo your first game jam, congratulations !

A fun game, but it does get repetitive after a while, especially when it's not totally clear why the pile is going down.

But the ants (?) are well made and the music is nice.

Good job !

An original game with lots of possibilities !

The music fits really well and the art is very nice.

Good job !

I think adding some checkpoints would be a great addition and lessen the frustration you get when you die at the end of a planet.

But the game is lovely and I like the diversity of environments and gravities.

Good job !

Nice game, always fun to mess around with gravity :D

The music was fitting, but the sound effects are too loud and when you change gravity quite often, it becomes a bit annoying. The same could be said for the shooting enemy (maybe add a fire range on it, so it doesn't keep on shooting you when you're at the other end of the level ?).

But other than that, it was a fun game !

Good job !

I really liked this one !

The controls are tight and the respawn is quick (which is very important in these kinds of games). I liked the grainy feel of the game, like you're watching through an old tv.

I finished the level with 33 deaths and 45 coins :D

Great job !

A challenging game for sure !

The music was good, really relaxing, but the controls of the rocket are a bit too tough for my liking, sometimes you have to spend a lot of fuel just to squeeze it through a gap between UFOs.

Overall a nice fun game, good job !

What a good (robot) boy !

It's a simple and cute platformer and it works at what it aims to do !

I just wish there would be some sound design and jumping while running would be a welcomed addition.

But other than that, it's a good game !

Great concept (even though I took more time than I wish to admit to use the fast forward)

A few criticisms I have are that the music gets old after a while and the fact you control your shield with your mouse makes it a bit inaccurate at times.

But the presentation is great, I like the synthwave aesthetic !

Great job !

Thank you ! The mob actually gets progressively louder as you make mistakes, but we could have gone one step further, it's true :) As for the palace visitors (I'll answer this in place of our game artist), she drew the bodies, the hairs, the facial features, the clothes, the accessories, the hats and the expressions independently, so that we could randomly assign them to the visitors (hence why you see a lot of bearded women).

Thanks a lot :)

Thank you !

I liked it, a really soothing game :)

Considering there is not much in terms of gameplay, the art and music (especially the music) are really strong and cute.

Hope you flesh out your game, good job !

A tough game, but a really cool concept !

Took me some time to get into the rhythm of things, but after that it was a bit simpler (but still challenging). Though the blue ball has a tendency to get locked in place for whatever reason...

Good concept, good art, cool music and a great game, good job !

A shame the game isn't longer, I really liked the little character and the overall look of the world.

I think binding the mouse click as the jump button is a weird thing to do, but it's not too bad. Also, is it normal that the music stops when you start the level ?

It was a fun little game ! Keep it up !

A part la Global Game Jam en Janvier 2021, j'ai pas l'impression que y'en ait beaucoup en ce moment :/

The game has a really nice aesthetic and music, it really makes you want to keep on playing !

The gameplay is good and responsive, it's just a good game :)

Great job !

A nice stealth platformer where you play as a future thief pirate (at least in my head :) )

The movement is nice, even though the wall jump could be improved, it feels a bit unresponsive as of right now.

It would be cool if the lights would cast a shadow when hitting walls (the level with the big light feels a bit weird without them and I was confused as to where I was safe and where I wasn't)

Other than that, good job, I really liked it !

Not much gameplay sadly, but the art and music are top notch !

I hope you keep on working on the game !

(I don't know why, but I suddenly have a craving for nachos...)

I thought dolphins were the dominant life form on the planet, huh...

The concept of fish gods is really funny and the whole "let's please the gods with music" is so cool, but I think the sound effects are a bit too different from the music playing and it kinda lessens the experience for me.

Overall a game that doesn't take itself too seriously, great job !

The robot's look is so cute ! And the music is really good !

It's a good puzzle platformer, but I think adding a bit more speed to the character would be nice, the character also doesn't move along with the moving platforms, which is a bit odd.

It's a really nice game to play, congrats !

Damn, now I really wished you guys managed to complete it...

The art is gorgeous and the idea of a dog running a human shelter is awesome !

When I grow up, I wanna be like Dr. Dog from the University of Barkley !

Love the aesthetic, very synthwave.

A simple game, but one that is really well made ! The music and sound effects are all good and the pagoda-pendulum's movements are really soothing to watch.

Although I would have liked to see a increase in difficulty as time goes on, just to add a bit of challenge.

Overall a great game !

Thank you ! And yup, the game gets progressively faster until day 30 where the speed is thrice the original. After that, it caps out.

Thanks a lot :)

In most games, being a scavenger is not the most interesting job. But not when it's in SPACE !

Jokes aside, the art is great and the gravity gun is really satisfying to use. I know there is no sound in space, but at least a little bit of sound design would have been welcomed.

I liked all the weird stuff you could find around the ship (random debris, people trapped in ice, nuclear warheads, ...).

I though it weird that once you are falling over a certain speed, no matter how much you use your jetpack, it doesn't help you get up... Just a thought...

Great job guys !


Yup, the whole game.

The idea is interesting but the jetpack is really hard to control.

It has the potential to be a challenging game without feeling like it's unfair.

Keep it up !

Liked the music, but the controls were too unresponsive to really fully enjoy the game. I think beign able to move while attacking would be a big improvement.

The music is really good and the art has a nice feel to it.

Nice job, keep up the good work !

Interesting concept though I think it would benefit from only being able to chain instructions once to solve the level in one go.

Also at one point the instructions kept executing slower and slower, I assume because of the index system, maybe let the player set these manually ? (or have them reset to 1 every time)

But I think there is potential ! I like the PDA looking interface.

I really like the art style as well as the idea of kaiju frogs, but the lack of clear instructions makes it kinda hard to guess how you're supposed to play.

I also feel like there's not a lot of information on screen (what's my attack range ? what's my movement range ? what's the enemy's ?) but the concept is really nice and I'm a sucker for turn based combat !

Keep up the good work !

My brain hurts...

This was awesome, you get a bit confused at first, but after a while you learn to spot your little guy amongst the crowd, and when you do, you always feel like you've got super sight :D

The music was really fun too !

Great job !

(I got 123 seconds, haha !)

The game is really pretty !

And the game is also super hard !

I really liked it (big fan of platformers), but there are a few things that bugged me... I think the respawning is just a bit too long, not long enough to be really annoying, but just enough to be noticed. Also I think the character has way too much inertia and landing on a single block after a long jump is quite painful sometimes.

Other than that, the sound design is good and fits with the aesthetic of the game and the levels are good (and hard).

Great job !