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Cyberpunk point & click
Submitted by Rileran, doctortee6, Lugrim, Kimi (@TKA_KimiNako), catlaiya, Trino, Pookitoki — 4 hours, 16 minutes before the deadline
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Use of the Limitation#223.9233.923

Ranked from 13 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
Ashrell, Catnip, Eagletin, Jeanne, Kimi, Strapontin, DoctorTee, Lugrim, Metatheria, Rileran, Bobby, Chouibidi, Klayr, Germophobe, Tonysan, Trino, Azryl Askanby, Scipio, Tyney

Software used

Cookies eaten
None because there won't be any more cookies in the future.

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As a major fan of point & click adventures (especially Monkey Island), this is right up my alley !

The intro is amazing, having a voice actor in the team really gives it that much style.

I always like the kind of megacorp dystopian future, and it really nails that aspect.

I thought the puzzle were maybe a bit too tough (especially the wires one), and the key puzzle demands nigh perfect accuracy, which is pretty frustrating to be fair. I also would have made the inventory stand out a bit more.

Great game and great art !


Looks great ! But i got stuck on the key puzzle.


Thanks for playing ! 

Oh, that's too bad ! for the key puzzle you're supposed to follow the hole with the key..... and the lock move in both ways, clockwise and counterclockwise ;)


Awesome! I really enjoyed the art and style unfortunately I got stuck on the key puzzle ;(


Thanks for playing the game ! You receive a big hug from the graphists <3

For the key part, the lock can move in both ways, clockwise and counterclockwise, you might have not spotted this ?


Nice voice acting and story, but I couldn't quite understand how the first puzzle with the wires worked


Thanks for the cool review <3

for the 1st puzzle you're supposed to link the blue badges together, same goes for the other colors ;)

But if you can't pass it since it is a fairly hard puzzle, we added a "solve" button for it :D


I feel like an idiot, I'm stuck on the password part lol. Other than that, wow! Voice acting, an intro cutscene, loads of art, mini games.. What I've seen is very impressive (although I'm sure my ineptitude is keeping me from seeing all the game has to offer).


Oh taht's such a cool review thanks ! We're gald you enjoyed the game thanks ! 

For the password part we added a tip in the page ;)


Nice voice acting! But the puzzle was stuck on the screen and as I was doing it, it was clicking on stuff behind it


Oh damn ! A bug ! 
Well, we got one thing to fix now thanks for pointing it out :)


This is not exactly my type of game, BUT WOW! Having a voice actor on the team is really cool, this introduction and the art was excellent. Congratulations on the project, super cool!


Oh, this comment is so sweet thank you ! We love our voice actor he is receiving all the hearts he rightfully deserves. The rest of the team thanks you for the nice review of our work :)


nice story and implementation! puzzles are fun to solve.


You're making one puzzle maker glad with this comment ! Thanks for playing, we're glad you enjoyed the game :D


I can really see the team effort in this one. I liked both the concept and presentation.

The intro is awesome!

Great job, guys.


Thanks for the review of the game !  We're glad that you liked the game <3