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I'm suprised you got it on the first try to be honest ! :o

Thanks for playing it :D

Glad you enjoyed that introduction it was really fun for us to invent it ! :D

Thanks for playing the game ;)

I really like the way the fight are planned in this game, I have yet to crack how each color measure against the others but a nice game !

Quite a simple game but a nice game nonetheless !

You made quite a few levels and I wasn't expecting so many ! I really liked the last one where you played with the physics of the jump.

If I have to make a few comments, the transition from one level to another is a bit quick in my opinion and I wasn't always sure that I indeed was in a new level, but this isn't much of an issue.

One thing though, if you ever make another game similar to this one, could you ensure the ennemies die when hiting the ground ? I had to look for one or two because they had fallen hahaha

Thanks for playing the game, we're glad you enjoyed the game :D

The focus this time was to really polish the game, we're glad it shows :)

Oh an oldie game ! that's a really cool idea I like it !

That's a really cool game ! Although I managed to bug the game after hiting restart a few times, the game went into a "let's keep restarting the level again and again and again" :')

Thanks for the cool review <3

for the 1st puzzle you're supposed to link the blue badges together, same goes for the other colors ;)

But if you can't pass it since it is a fairly hard puzzle, we added a "solve" button for it :D

Oh taht's such a cool review thanks ! We're gald you enjoyed the game thanks ! 

For the password part we added a tip in the page ;)

Thanks for playing ! 

Oh, that's too bad ! for the key puzzle you're supposed to follow the hole with the key..... and the lock move in both ways, clockwise and counterclockwise ;)

Thanks for playing the game ! You receive a big hug from the graphists <3

For the key part, the lock can move in both ways, clockwise and counterclockwise, you might have not spotted this ?

Oh damn ! A bug ! 
Well, we got one thing to fix now thanks for pointing it out :)

Oh, this comment is so sweet thank you ! We love our voice actor he is receiving all the hearts he rightfully deserves. The rest of the team thanks you for the nice review of our work :)

You're making one puzzle maker glad with this comment ! Thanks for playing, we're glad you enjoyed the game :D

Thanks for the review of the game !  We're glad that you liked the game <3

That's a fun game ! I'm still unsure on how the points system works and what's the goal of the points but overall a great game !

I love the art and I can't help but wonder how many scenes you had to draw so quickly :o

In the end I got 1 good ans 1 bad ending but I do wonder how many possible endings you made !

Great work !

That is one creepy labyrinth ! I don't know what you plan to do with it but I did have to walk around a bit in order to find the exit hehe

Very polished game, controlling the ship requires some skills that I don't have

A nice little classic game ! 

The background is really cool, same gos for the character. Too bad you didn't have time to do more :)

That is one fast game wow ! Still struggling to get further than one or two kill so it is on the difficult side for me. The controls are nice and fluid, keep it up !

Oh, I'm the idiot then, thanks ! :D

I got a bit confused by this game.. Mainly because of how much I broke it hahaha.
Like, I managed outside of the map on the very nice blue and purple background, and when I used an item that I wasn't supposed to it seems, my sound just broke and then the game crashed.

Despite those issues, it is a cool concept and I enjoyed it !

Cool platform game ! 

I had some issues in the beginning as to "why am I alive despite the spikes ?" then quickly died, if you do another game like that, I'd suggest implementing a lives counter :)

This is a cool platform game,  I have to admit I do not have the patience to die again  and to have to redo the same level all the time so I ended up giving up but it's a really cool game !

I had some issues initially with how the vehicules moves but once I got the hang of it, it went well !  

This is a small game and he doesn't seem to have any issues with it, well done !

That's an interesting game ! 

I ended up loosing on the part with the peaks though. It seems that this level is not winnable if you fail it and it's sad I didn't see a reset button to redo the level, I'd have to redo the whole game.

I really liked it otherwise !

That is one awesome game !

there's quite a few possible events, the algorythm seems to make sense on how the food is used .
I really like it ! 

The idea of this game is really cool ! 

I did not reach the ending yet and I'm seriously wondering when it is, it seems to be a fairly long game considering all the choices it offers!

That is one heck of a confusing game, my poor eyes hahaha.

I got 177.77 seconds though, I managed to reach the end hehe

A small building kind of game. It looks nice !  I'm a bit sad the gravity isn't more present to force to have one upright tower though :/

That's a small adress and quick game.

I like it despite dying all the freaking time haha

It's a small game that looks really great !
It doesn't really fit with the theme of the jam but the color palette seems to fit the limitation :)

Great way to use the limitation !

Nice platform game !  I might have raged a bit at dying to the same people so I'd suggest to add a death counter to make it even more rage inducing  😂

This is a cute small little game.

I was a bit lost after reaching the lava door though since it brought me back to the beginning, I thought I had lost once more 😂

Nice little arcade game ! 

I like the graphics !  It changes from what we're used to ! 

The puzzle is fairly simple, this shows potential as an escape game 👍

The concept and idea is incredible ! The graphics are on point too ! 

If you plan to developp this game further, I'd suggest to add dumb levels for people to grasp the concept of each glyphs one by one.