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Thanks mate!

A work of art, to be sure. I love how dumb some of the endings are. Honestly one of my favorite entries, unanimated as it is.

Thanks for playing! It did end up being a pretty challenging layout, especially that one jump next to the first slide. 

Fun entry. With the default non-fullscreened player, I couldn't see the wall openings and was a bit confused. My only real note after that was that it was a bit frustrating getting swarmed milliseconds after entering a room. My reaction time just isn't that good lol. Other than that, really dig the aesthetic and the labyrinthian design - great work!

Awesome presentation. It's not often you see jam games with VA. For the combat, I was not sure if I was supposed to react to something in order to block, or just guess. Either way, it seemed like once you got a block off, you could just hit x3 -> block in a loop. Still super cool though, especially for a 3 day jam. I can tell a lot of hard work went into this entry.

Really enjoyed this entry. Simple mechanics, clean execution. My loaf will be defended until my last breath.

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I appreciate it, thanks for the play!

Thanks, it also helps to mask my rushed art haha.

Thanks for playing, especially for so long! I did consider a meter, but ended up trying for something more subtle (but definitely less readable) with the crouch animation. I'm still not sure that was the right call haha. Really glad you enjoyed!

Fun game, was funny being able to spam space against a wall and get pushed upward. I dig the audio as well

Fair enough! All the same, thanks for playing!

I really like the audio cues when the monster get close - very cool and useful. Great work!

Really fun. Love the atmosphere and the BOTW-style piano noodlings. And most importantly, "poyo!"

Not necessarily your fault haha. In the words of a certain George Lucas, "I may have gone too far in a few places". Glad you enjoyed, and thanks for playing!

Thanks! Post pixel style for the win!

So cool, I love the strategy. It was fun figuring out that sometimes you wanted to delay reloading so that you could move around for free, then reload your gun, grab more ammo, and finally engage. Very clever interpretation of the theme, and a set of mechanics that I haven't personally seen together before.

Thanks for the detailed feedback! You definitely have more of an artist's eye than I (see: all of your past jam entries), so I appreciate the callouts on the animation. I'm relieved that it didn't end up being too frustrating - it's always hard to balance that sort of stuff when you know every section by heart. If you did like this style of gameplay, I def recommend Jump King - it's like this, but just a lot better lol. Thanks again, and glad you enjoyed! (And gl finding the endings!)

Can't say I've ever played a game quite like this, but I loved the execution. Great work!

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Wow, that is an absurd amount of well polished content. Super well done, I thoroughly enjoyed my playthrough. Loved the humor. 

Neat little game. I love the lighting on the 2d character, and the whole aesthetic is very cohesive. Spent too long looking for the last one only to realize I had skipped over it twice lol.

Much appreciated!

Ha, for sure - especially as it is supposed to be one of those infrared guns. Glad you enjoyed!

Absolutely! We didn't have a ton of time to playtest, so the result ended up being a bit more mechanically demanding than it needed to be. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! And for sure, the target sizes are a little .. unforgiving right now.

Tragically, only had time for a quick menu loop. Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed!

Really liked the animations, though the 3 second background loop did get a bit repetitive. Overall, really nice work - the game has a lot of charm. 

Cool stuff, though for some reason mine was super dark compared to the screenshots in the other comments. Great seeing more Godot games.

Really great stuff. I definitely had to get used to the fact that it doesn't just propel the player in the opposite direction you are aiming. 

Fun stuff, and a unique twist on a shotgun, having it shoot flares.

A juiced-up, compact, shooter. Very well done. Super fun and great visual style.

Cool little arithmetic game! Are you generating the questions, or does it pull from a set?

I love the little audio pop-out that you put in - looks very nice. I wish there was a bit more indication when you attacked, but the flip animations ended up looking really nice and in-line with the style. I agree with Prinny on the scaling, but sick tunes - and overall a cool entry!

Thanks for playing! The rocket dudes were actually set up to seek high ground and spam you from there. I never got around to finishing squad behaviour, but they were supposed to eventually contest after all melee enemies were down. There are also actually 3 upgrade shops - The one on the high ground left of the enemy spawn may have been a bit hidden haha. They stack, it's just not super extreme. The damage upgrade is also a bit of an invest - it does end up one-shotting melee enemies with all 3 acquired. The balance is def a bit (very) wonky though.
Again, thanks for playing and commenting!

Great puzzle mechanics, the difficulty ramp was pretty much perfect. Others have said the same, but my only real feedback would be small polish items, like seeing the characters (or maybe just outlines) behind blocks, highlighting the current character, and some sfx.

The life counter going negative when you die is just for fun - so that you can see how much damage you took before you respawn. Point contesting is just done by being on the point (not really explained, my bad). There are only 6 or so rounds iirc, so you got pretty close! Thanks for the play and the feedback!

I read that you didn't have the ability to really flesh this out, but I really dig the 2d + 3d art style. The tree shader also looks nice and soft - I love a good soft tree shader lol. Good on you for submitting.

Thanks! iirc, it was my first jam game

Thank you!

Sad to hear about your Skyrim save, that's always tragic :( I couldn't come up with a real ending in the last 12 hours of the jam, so I kinda just threw in the dumb froggy chair meme.. ah well. I'm really glad you enjoyed the archer towers and their deadly light, as that part was really fun to make. And great idea for the combo puzzle, that would definitely made it more challenging/interesting!

Thanks so much for playing!

Weird issue - it did seem to happen to a few others as well. If you don't mind me asking, what OS are you on? (And true, skyrimming up walls was a bit buggy  a feature!)