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I love the little audio pop-out that you put in - looks very nice. I wish there was a bit more indication when you attacked, but the flip animations ended up looking really nice and in-line with the style. I agree with Prinny on the scaling, but sick tunes - and overall a cool entry!

Thanks for playing! The rocket dudes were actually set up to seek high ground and spam you from there. I never got around to finishing squad behaviour, but they were supposed to eventually contest after all melee enemies were down. There are also actually 3 upgrade shops - The one on the high ground left of the enemy spawn may have been a bit hidden haha. They stack, it's just not super extreme. The damage upgrade is also a bit of an invest - it does end up one-shotting melee enemies with all 3 acquired. The balance is def a bit (very) wonky though.
Again, thanks for playing and commenting!

Great puzzle mechanics, the difficulty ramp was pretty much perfect. Others have said the same, but my only real feedback would be small polish items, like seeing the characters (or maybe just outlines) behind blocks, highlighting the current character, and some sfx.

The life counter going negative when you die is just for fun - so that you can see how much damage you took before you respawn. Point contesting is just done by being on the point (not really explained, my bad). There are only 6 or so rounds iirc, so you got pretty close! Thanks for the play and the feedback!

I read that you didn't have the ability to really flesh this out, but I really dig the 2d + 3d art style. The tree shader also looks nice and soft - I love a good soft tree shader lol. Good on you for submitting.

Thanks! iirc, it was my first jam game

Thank you!

Sad to hear about your Skyrim save, that's always tragic :( I couldn't come up with a real ending in the last 12 hours of the jam, so I kinda just threw in the dumb froggy chair meme.. ah well. I'm really glad you enjoyed the archer towers and their deadly light, as that part was really fun to make. And great idea for the combo puzzle, that would definitely made it more challenging/interesting!

Thanks so much for playing!

Weird issue - it did seem to happen to a few others as well. If you don't mind me asking, what OS are you on? (And true, skyrimming up walls was a bit buggy  a feature!)

Finally got around to playing- what a great little game! I did run into a little wonky-ness with the placement not starting as I intended, but other than that I saw no real bugs. I love each of the frogs, and I really appreciate the time you put into give them each a cool bit to play. Cool & unique idea with amazing execution.

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Hey, great game! I only have a couple critiques, and they are fairly minor (aside from volume, but that has already been mentioned). First, I would love to be able to hold down to fire, as you already have a fire rate limiter in place. Second, bullets seemed to collide with the health powerups, which I guess was just kinda funny and not really detrimental. Lastly (since you seem to be a fellow cinemachine fan), you can use a cinemachine confiner to make sure your camera isn't showing a bunch of void outside your level.

Overall, a really fun little experience - nice work!

Funny that you mention cinemachine, as that's what it's using (specifically a fairly default freelook cam) I've seen that clipping happen on some other people's playthroughs, but I can't reproduce it on my machine... although it wouldn't be the first strange cinemachine behavior that occurs less-than-predictably (looking at you, camera drift). It's very possible I missed some all-important damping setting or something that only creates problems under exactly 108.1234 FPS, so let me know if you have any cinemachine pointers/ tricks.
Anyways, am happy you enjoyed, and thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the playthrough! Not sure why you got that horrible flickering/clipping when you sprinted, but it might be a framerate issue..? Sorry about that. Also saw that you managed to get around my anti-cheese walls on both puzzle doors haha.

Great choice in music, it made the game feel super chill (which I'm guessing was the goal). I'm always a fan of upgrade systems, and I think you implemented it pretty well. I had a bit of a hard time telling which frogs were poisonous, but that might have been by design. Fantastic entry!

I didn't know scratch let you embed! Cute art on the frog. It would be nice to have a little more feedback when the player lands a hit, like a sound effect or some particles.

A cool little game! The difficulty ramps up a bit slowly, but that's a fairly minor critique. Some unsolicited advice if you don't mind: When you release the arrow keys, the player always snaps back to the right. You can fix this by only rotating the sprite if there is player input. i.e

if( Input.GetAxis("Horizontal") != 0 || Input.GetAxis("Vertical") != 0 )

    // Do rotation


This (usually) means you didn't check the correct platform next to your upload in the edit game page.

Man, who needs an aim trainer when you have hungry frog? In all seriousness, the polish on this game was really nice to see. The dynamic menu, well mixed sfx, feedback FX, and heck - even an exit card. High effort, fun, and well executed! 

Thank you!  Valheim (though I have yet to actually play it) was definitely the inspiration for the low-rez style.

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Thanks for the feedback! Third person are definitely my weak spot, and I can see how my implementation could feel a bit awkward (especially without knowing you can change the zoom). For the mushroom puzzle, I probably should have made the poison particles a bit bigger, but the jist of the tutorial journal was (supposed to be, at least - I'm not really an amazing writer) "don't touch the same one twice in a row".

I'm really happy you enjoyed it (despite its flaws), and thanks so much for the play!

Thanks so much for the comment, I'm glad you enjoyed!

Hey, thanks for the comment, I'm really glad to hear that you liked the game. Bit awkward, but I pulled the submission last minute bc I thought it was kind of dumb (not a brilliant idea, I know). I should probably remove that tag..

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Thank you!

Loved the playthrough, thanks for the vid!

Oh nice, that looks super sick! Honestly, your artstyle is one of my favorites.

Ending was hilarious. That's your avatar outline, right?

A really great game, especially considering the awkward controls put forth by the limitation. Got stuck on an "x" platform that didn't really want to disappear, but other than that, no complaints here. (and as always, fantastic work on the art)

Thank you! (And that video thumbnail is a work of art lol)

Nice, the new ending is a great upgrade!

Thanks for the comment - I'm happy you enjoyed!

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Thanks for taking the time to reply! Every player is different, so there's no reason to discount your experience. I'll look at making things a bit more straightforward in the future. (Also if you ever feel the desire to re-try it and want a hint, I have ilPrinny's playthrough linked on the game page)

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Thanks for the comment! Just out of curiosity, did you beat the boss and not enjoy the puzzles, or did you get stuck on one of them? (I don't often make puzzle games and would love to know what part detracted from your experience)

Really cool game, it's always fun to see procedural level generation. I did find the camera a bit odd, mostly because no matter how fast I moved my mouse, it seemed to have a fixed speed (and the same for when moving slow). I understand making a perfect camera is hard, so I can't fault you too much there. 

The little battery character is adorable and I thought that a resource-based third person shooter was a really unique idea. Great job!

Thank you, Spectral!

Thanks for that play and the review, great video!

That's true!

Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed!

Great polish! The codex is a really nice touch - it was fun reading through the entries. I played the entire first time without the teleport b/c I'm apparently illiterate, but I did end up getting pretty far all things considered. Fantastic work!

Thanks, I really appreciate the comment! Trying to get that stormy night atmosphere was definitely a big focus for this jam (after the puzzle design, of course).

This feels like a really well-polished vertical slice of a shooter. The art is quite nice and the controls feel great. I couldn't beat your high score, but I got close (ish). I dig the music choice and the fx for the exploding ships. Great entry overall!