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Really enjoyed this entry! The gameplay was fun and creative.

Hey Firelord Bob, I appreciate the comment! Thanks for playing!

I had a lot more fun breaking the game than I'm willing to admit. As storploin said, please turn the super bomb fling into a mechanic haha.  I got pretty high up, but I guess the invisible walls keep going.

Man, I love the whole banjo theme. It took me a second to realize movement wasn't turn based, and that I could just spam the button to move faster. Other than that oddity, the game is charming and fun. The level design is interesting and diverse, and the art is clean. Well done.

Nice game! I enjoyed the variety of inter-mechanic interactions. Controls were pretty awkward at first, but I got the hang of it eventually.

Died on the boss, unlucky :( Fun game, I liked the art style (especially the explosion animations), and the little pikmin-esque character.

Got stuck after the first room haha. Just a heads up, if you are importing pixel art into unity, you can sharpen the image by changing the filter to point and the compression to none in the import settings. And as germanjazzguy said, I'd love to continue playing it, but I'm not sure how to continue.

Ngl, my thumb got tired pretty fast. I like the ominous background music/ sounds.

This game is pretty unique in its mechanics. I really like the creativity here, as well as the input method. Well done.

A fun little game. There wasn't much in the way of difficulty, but the box mechanics were neat (if not a bit slippery). The music, while short, was pretty jammin' too.

Wow, that was actually really exciting. Controller support would definitely take it to the next level. As far as critical feedback, the pure white flashes from the explosions got to be a bit much after a while. I don't recognize the music (is it yours?), but it really added to  the sense of a recklessly fun atmosphere. Great game!

Nice! It's simple, clear (except that intro text haha), and fun.. Great job!

I really liked the upgrade system, but the lack of increasing difficulty made the challenge curve a bit backwards. It was overall very fun, made it to wave 20-something. Good job!

That jump is definitely not easy, you're right. Thanks for playing, I really appreciate the feedback!

Really had to think about it. A genuinely good puzzle game.

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Very spelunky! It was a bit weird how your jump used jetpack no matter what, and I def got stuck a few times due to some unlucky terrain. Got to the ice(?) levels before I got a crash ( Overall very cool game with interesting mechanics. 

Not sure why I would randomly lose while placing bombs, but the concept is really neat. The explosions are already pretty satisfying, but I think some sound effects could take it to the next level.

I like the improvements! Got to 287 before I died.

Whoops, that's a grammatical error on my part.. I meant it as the first cut-scene concerning the boss, not the cut-scene of the first boss. Thank you for playing, and I'm glad you enjoyed!

Lol, well good choice then!

your music is always good; this is no exception👌

Wow thanks for all the feedback! Funny that you mention the lack of a checkpoint between the 1block jumps and the vertical section... an earlier build actually had a checkpoint there. I'm glad you liked the boss battle, I had a lot of fun making it. Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much riemann, I'm glad you enjoyed!

Don't really understand what I'm supposed to do, as the door just resets me. Cover art looks really nice though.

This is actually insanely fun, and as juunishi mentioned, extremely "juicy". Superb job.

I'll admit, I'm pretty bad at it. Fun nonetheless! (also gg on 4 jams at once)

I feel like a monster.

Cool little game, I like the upgrade system.

The FX and art is really nice. Blowing stuff up is indeed fun.

That's some blender-fu right there. Beatiful models and fun (if a bit easy) gameplay.

I really like both the art and the gameplay. The pig is shaped like a friend.

Mm. that's some spicy syncopation. Fun little game! (I had the same issue as juunishi, but it worked out in the end) 

While there isn't much variety, it's a cool little .. murder simulator? I saw in the comments that it is your first game, so congrats!

An interesting take on a puzzle game. I really like it.

While this game has tremendous meme potential, I struggled a bit with the controls. When not holding something down the direction would reset ..or something..? I'm not really sure. Art is really nice, and I think with a bit of tuning, this game could get even better.

Very interesting game! The multiple endings are pretty neat. I got the blown up one a lot (kept forgetting that the explosion hotbox lasts more than one turn, and would walk into them)

Very crackly. I think there is occasionally a truly impossible bomb at around score 15, but it seems random. I dig the fire and sound effects.

The car handling is actually really fun, I just ended up smashing into a lot of walls because of the visibility haha.

Honestly, spamming bombs and watching everything blow up is pretty fun. Great job!

I'm so glad you enjoyed! I wasn't planning on continuing development, but I didn't know there would be any interest in that haha. It was a fun project that I wouldn't mind continuing. (and sorry about the reset prompt, it's just on a flat 15 sec timer... lazy, I know. It won't actually reset/ nullify the run though)

Thanks for the feedback! (The splats are vegetable noises, don't worry).  Registered!