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Just watched it, great video!

I really like the concept of user dictated level generation, and the sounds were fun. I saw that there was theoretically a gun model, it's a shame it didn't show up.

It's cool and kinda metroid-y. I'd love to see a more fleshed-out version of this

That was fun! It def feels like a portal/ Stanley mashup

Nah, I'm probably just bad haha

This really takes me back! Fantastic work, you really captured Mario Kart 64 perfectly. The artstyle is faithful, and the map is fun and interesting. It's great to see games that fully take advantage of large teams, y'all really nailed it!

I did, even tried to re-download :(

For some reason, my turning sensitivity was insanely high. The concept is cool, and multiplayer is a big task for a jam. I hope you add on to this in the future, it definitely has potential!

The sounds are hilarious, and the effects are great! The combat felt just a little spammy, but it's pretty close to pokemon's system. Clearly, a lot of work went into this project, well done!

"Comically sensitive controls" haha. Aside from that, I like infinite runners, and this one is pretty fun. I dig the art!

I cannot for the life of me find the last apple. I can see it through when I go down the pit of doom, but I still can't find it lol. Fun game, the artstyle is great - I really like the paper mario feel. I've never even heard of coppercube, but the game turned out fantastic!

I like the palette, it would be really cool to see a full game in this style.

The animations, models, and textures are fantastic! I like your idea of procedural levels and and a level up system, I think that would really help to diversify the gameplay.

Fun game! The scene transitions were a little jarring (sorry, I know others have already mentioned it), but I liked the variety of the levels. 

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Unlucky, I'll check it out! (It seems like quitting to menu works as a temp fix) Edit: Patched!

thanks, I appreciate it!

Sorry about that, but I'm glad you enjoyed!

I'll have to look in to it, it seems like I need to fully clear my save files to reproduce it (which does make sense). Thanks for the feedback!

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That's a ... very weird bug! (and a typo about the controls, yikes, sorry). And about the upgrades, you're probably right, I just didn't really get a chance to balance. Edit: Found the bug, thanks!

Fun game, and I liked reading through the gitlab project

The platforming was pretty fun, and the visuals were nice. I liked how the character squashed and stretched while jumping. The dog ending was a good compromise, well done!

Great game! Creepy, but great. Are the levels randomly generated or is stuff just swapping around? Either way, the gameplay is fun, and the premise just a little disturbing. Also, 

Nice, I'm so glad you liked it! (And I won't lie, OoT was a major inspiration for the music)

It's a cool character, I hope you continue work on this! Also, I think I remember running into that probuilder issue before and came across this thread.

Killer presentation, this feels like a vertical slice of a wario-ware type game. The intro cutscene with  voice acting was so clean -  just so high quality! What it might lack in length and challenge is made up for in polish. Great work all!

I hope you enjoy!

Oh! That's in the pause menu (p). I meant to be more descriptive in game, but I ended up having to put that in the itch page(and still somewhat poorly). I totally agree that it hurts to do it the other way around, but I wasn't sure that my opinion was the default lol. I'm really glad you liked it, thank you!

I'm glad you posted in discord, otherwise I would have missed this game! Great vibe going with the music and both the 3D and the UI art - most jam games have very ..rough UI (especially myself). I got rolled by the RNG a couple times, but I very much enjoyed the little event stories that popped up. The tile "fog of war" (not really sure what to call it) was a fun addition and really gave the game character. The devlog y'all put together was interesting to read through, that sure is a lot of commits...

Starbox lol. I like it. The game is a good base for a side shooter (I don't actually know what this archetype is called), and little bit of juice and some variety would take it a long way.

Besides the eye strain, this is a great idea! Honestly very clever. I didn't get all that far, but it really ramped up fast. The music was good choice too. I'm not completely sure how you would vary the levels without losing your gimmick, but some kind of change over time would just be visually nice.

The descriptions says that it is currently only playable with an xbox controller. 

I completely understand last minute music haha! And late update is usually the way to go with cameras, so it might be something else... Unity is a bit funky sometimes (and I've gotten lazy using Cinemachine). I won't pretend to be an expert, but feel free to pm me on discord if there is anything specific you want some input on.  Again, great work - I really enjoyed playing your game.

updated my comment, you were right!

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true, the palette does make it rough. I would probably suggest  outlining it in the same way you did with the buttons in the update (since finding it doesn't seem like part of the puzzle)

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The mechanic is interesting. Is it inspired by The Talos Principle by any chance? Looking at your devlog, I'm happy the rewind is sped up. The art and music are both very atmospheric, and the player aminations are great. The one aesthetic critique that I have (which might also just be a personal problem) is that the levers were very hard to see against the background. The updated buttons are waaaay more readable, very nice! I didn't even see them the first time around. The last level was great, but am I wrong in saying that the replayed you is faster than originally inputted? it felt like almost double speed.

Of course! I'm just working my way through

Nice, that's a solid platformer! I've seen other people talk about the wall jump, so the only thing I'll say it that I agree that space would have been much more useable. I really liked the risk-reward balance that came with the checkpoint currency; the dynamic it added was fun. Aesthetically, it did suffer a bit from that Unity camera stutter (was it using the standard Update or LateUpdate?), and the music cutting between levels had that popping effect. It also got a little bit repetitive, but you added a volume slider, so that was on me.

Regardless, I very much enjoyed the sprite animation, and the trail renderer was a nice touch. I also thought you used the color palette excellently; the cool environment contrasting with the warmer obstacles made everything readable. That's a lot of content for a 3 day jam, well done.

I don't think it technically follows the limitation, but the game is pretty fun all the same! It's hard to make stealth games not feel tedious, but the mechanics you put in worked quite well.

Also, I'd recognize that walk animation anywhere haha.

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Thanks for the comment! There are mouse aiming controls (activated in the pause menu) too if you aren't a fan of the keyboard ones (from playtest feedback it seems to just be a matter of preference). Multiplayer does sound interesting, especially if you could sabotage other players.....hmm