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ChronocideView game page

A boss rush game where you start at the final fight.
Submitted by StormCat, Wizard Shark — 1 minute, 56 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of the Limitation#543.4743.714

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
2, StormtrooperCat and Wizardshark

Software used
Love2d, SFXR, Bosca Ceiol,

Cookies eaten
4 (chocolate digestives)

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Wow, good job with the game, and on Love2D no less! I really enjoyed the concept of losing your upgrades over time, and the fights were all very good. I had a lot of fun, but the crashed unexpectedly when I was about to defeat Number I. I'll post the error here:


boss.lua:2930: bad argument #1 to 'draw' (Drawable expected, got nil)


[C]: in function 'draw'
boss.lua:2930: in function 'draw'
main.lua:282: in function 'draw'
[C]: in function 'xpcall'


Thanks for the feedback, and I'm sorry about the error. I checked just then and i forgot 4 (four) letters in the program. Glad you enjoyed it!


No problem! I thought for a moment it was intentional, because it happened just as I defeated the last boss haha


I absolutely love the shock value of losing your upgrades and hearts more and more as the game progressed, and how different the bosses acted from eachother.

The thrill of seeing you lose the dodge move... scary, but amazing.

Great game, absolutely lovely!


Thanks a lot for the feedback! Glad to hear that you enjoyed my game.


Well done! In particular for the tutorial on start, which is always a welcomed addition. :)

One thing that plagues non-american indie-enthousiasts (like me) is their are so many games that force you to use a qwerty keyboard. Makes for a difficult game experience. Maybe consider allowing the use of the arrow keys?



Thanks for the feedback! I hadn't considered people using non-qwerty keyboards, so I will endavour to add arrow keys/customisable controls after the jam rating period ends. Thanks for the tip.


Can't try this, I'm using a mac. I think is better to have a web version, so that everyone will be able to try it. 


Unfortunately, the program I used dosen't have web support and I don't know how to make mac versions.


I have created a Mac version now, although it is untested, if you want to try the game.


Alright here goes,

I got to 3 so I'm guessing I had 3 to but I'm just bad.
The game is good at times I felt like some sound from the bullets and them hitting the bosses would be cool as it gives a small rewarding feeling, also some difficulty at the start for trash players like me, eventually the bosses take a long time to kill and restarting it might be a bit difficult, I also thought there is little reason to not fire so having the ability to just auto-fire might have been convenient as well. The music also didn't fit the boss rush feeling on its own but that's of personal taste.

Overall a good game with some solid mechanics and definitely for people who like The Binding of Issac style boss battles. With a great story and might I add, humorous title.


Thanks for the feedback! I unfortunately ran out of time when I was finishing the sound design, which is why there are missing sound effects and the music isn't great (plus I've never been great at sound anyways). I've been playing a lot of binding of isaac recently, so that was actually a big influence for this. Thanks again for the comment, and good luck in the jam.


Pretty cool, although I'm not great at shoot'em ups. You are due a standing ovation for this tutorial, that's the best I've seen in the jam. Some bullets patterns where really clever and the difficulty ramps up evenly so learning is ok. I would suggest make each enemy ramp up in difficulty the further it's damaged ( like cuphead and others ? ). The music I confess I didn't like, I found it quite repetitive and not much in line with the game, I expect something more rhythmic and hardcore.

A great experience overall, congrats !


Thanks for the feedback! I was pretty pleased with how the tutorial turned out, as a lot of my other games were unclear. For a couple of bosses (I think XII, IX, IV and I) they had increasing difficulty with damage, but it can be hard to tell. I agree the music wasn't great, but I'm glad you enjoyed the game. Good luck for your project!