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Merci, mec!!! :)

Thank you so much! I'm very grateful for the interest and for your review!! :)

I'm currently working on other projects. But I hope to work on it some more in the future!

Gracias!! Me alegro que te gustas!!
Ya me contarás qué tal. :)

Thank you!! I'm glad you like it. Let me know how it plays. :)

Part of the design was to have unique "seeds" for dungeons rather than making it part of the gameplay. With an arbitrary set of rolls, the player must find a safe route to the end, ie. an optimal combination of moves with the rolls they have.

Asking someone for numbers was my favorite way of getting the 'rolls,' but you can also use actual dice to generate them or other methods, such as the one you describe. :) 

I did want to make a blank set with rules for making dungeons and characters. Haven't gotten around to it yet.

Super nice. Reminds me of the jump scene in Moebius' "The Long Tomorrow".

Could definitely see a Ridiculous Fishing type game using this. :)

Thanks! Glad you liked it! :)

In coming weeks, I'm going to add underwater volcanoes, floating mines, kelp and schools of fish. :)
I'd also like to improve the terrain generation to have more interesting and more diverse geological formations...

For the fish, I'm planning on trying out this guy's procedural approach:

Ghost in the machine...

Gotcha, thanks!

Super nice. Well done!

I love the atmosphere, the quirky looking ships, the pixel art, the simple but engaging interaction with the ships (rather than cycling them with a button, having to destroy them) and how different the ships all feel. Well done!

Thanks for the clear explanation of the process!

Now, we are ready for a game of worms!

Well done! :)

When you slow down the process, their are certain choices that seem harder for the algorithm to make. Almost feels like it's hesitating. :) Is there a reason for that?

Intense! :) 

Well done. Love the Tron atmosphere. (Playing with some Daft Punk should be fun...)

Thanks. Glad you like it!

I doubt you would regret it. ;)
If you need any help along the way, let me know. My discord: fishtoad#9458

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  • Move : awsd or arrow keys
  • Dive : shift (up) and ctrl (down)
  • Pan Camera : right click + drag
  • Zoom Camera : mouse scroll
  • Switch camera view : c
  • Toggle Landform Visualization: v
  • Toggle Surface Scanner : b
  • Toggle Mini Map : m
  • Load new map : space

Descend to the ocean floor, find the relays that lead to the power source and avoid the dangers lerking in the darkness!

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Haha! Me too. I think the alarm is quite... alarming! ;)

Happy you enjoyed it. 

That's a good idea. We will be making a few adjustments in the days to come. Stay-tuned for a post-jam version.

Thanks!! I'm glad you think so.

Hey, thanks so much, for the kind words and for your feedback.

For the movement, you can tell you are moving either by the change in scenery when climbing or diving (blue buttons), and with the cable you are extending when moving forward (red button). There are also metrics at the bottom of the screen that gives you depth and speed.

I wonder, would you say that the scan lines from the CRT shader contribute to the feeling that you are moving automatically? Also, how clear was it to you that the view is top-down, rather than a sideway view?

Thanks so much. I'm glad you like it! 

We have a couple of ideas on how to make things clearer and pace the game in a more balanced way. Stay tuned for a post-jam version! :)

Are your difficulties with the web browser? If so, can you download the exe file and try that ?

Sounds  good. Let me know.

Hey, so Tried it out.

It does run, but it doesn't run correctly.

I sometimes get visuals, but very briefly and then it freezes. The game seems to be working in the back, though, since the sound works fine: The music immediately changes (but not the image) when I press space after running the game. And if I go in a straight line at the beginning of the game, nothing happens visually, but I do get a sound queue telling me I hit some obstacle or transition (or died, not sure).

Let me know if you ever find a solution, or if I can be of any help. 

FYI: I'm using Pop!_OS (Ubuntu) and OpenJDK Java 11.

I'm curious, what engine did you use to build the game?

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Grinding skeletons is a very satisfying activity! Well done. :)

The controls work immediately (the mini-tutorial works nicely). The atmosphere is simple and effective with a nice color scheme. And the game mechanics is quite fun.

With some more content, a few well though puzzle-levels and some polish (music and sound effects in particular would go a long way), it would make a great puzzle-rogue-like.

Verry addictive! 

well done! :)

Looks great! Annyway to up an html or linux build?

I'm sorry to hear that! What plateform are you using? Mac+html has known issues. Try downloading mac game (if you are on a mac), rather than using the browser. Let me konw, I'll do what I can to fix the issue.

Thanks! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! The cube is one of my favorite movies and I had a great time adapting it. :)

Looks great, anyway you could export towards linux or html? Would love to try it.. :)

Thanks, glad you like it.

I'm thinking of dialling down the difficulty a notch.. But the arbitrary nature of the cube and it's unforgivingness is also part of the message. :)

Let me know if you get to one of the endings. :)

thanks! :)

This looks awesome.

Love the graphics and the "pitch". Will try it out this weekend.

All right, I'll do that next time. Thanks for the quick response. Cheers.

Hey, thanks so much for developing such an awesome tool!!!!

Quick question: I somehow seem to have interrupted the importation process on an bitmap image folder. 

Seeing as how it takes some time to import, I was wondering if their is some way to resume the process. Or do i have to start over?

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What's your high score?

I got 550, as of now. :)

I can't believe I just got scammed into cleaning someone's appartement! 

No, seriously, great going! The atmosphere, the art, and the story-telling were top notch!

The color scheme works really well with the goofy day-of-the-tentacule-like art, and i like your interpretation of the (painfull) future. That future we so eagerly ignore... until we are there, cleaning up after our past self. :)

Bravo! :)

Doing the same here. I went back to my old algebra classes, which I feel helps. Their are some good ressources on youtube, too.  Check out 3blue1brown's linear algebra series for instance.

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It works well.. visually  you get a lot of diversity and you never feel like you've seen that visitor before; and in terms of gameplay their is just enough similarity to make you doubt your decision. :)


Great concept! Well done!

Played with a PS controller. Feels like it would have maybe been more pinbally to use the triggers rather than the buttons? Just a thought. :)