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amazing game, i tried all endings to see all of the game, it's so creative every ending.

really cool game, love the concept of it.if you remove the the opening clip of the  disaster would be a really wario ware game. 

good game, i like the art and of the game and the two layer of the background, really good game, the only problem to me is the wall jump, i couldn't make the 4 level(i not sure), that it has a walljump section on the beggining, cause the wall jump some times works, others don't.

thanks for playing it, i agree, next time i'll do a game jam i'll try to make some soundtrack

Thanks for playing the game, and thanks for compliment.
i'll give a hint, you kill the guy from above, so jump.

but i like the sound, i really like smash bros

really cool game, really cool idea too, the sound, the level, everything is good

really like the story of the game, had a problem in the game where it prevent it from restarting the level but, i really liked the game

really liked the game, just wished that had more levels(ps: really like the smash bros sound)

cool character

could i join your team? i am new at unity and blender, i just want to do a jam to see how is to be in a game jam, have fun and create a cool game.

about the mini games, i thought about a grocery store shelf where you have to click the things that are still good.
about the events, i maybe exageration the 15 minutos, but still  i waited a long time to something  happens.

the only thing i did in unity was this course
and i did the blender donut tutorial from blender guru and others 3d arts in blender
but it's seems you two are aming to win and i just wanna have fun in this jam, if our goals don't line, we probaly gonna end in a bad situation


things that i like
-nice story
-it has a nice atmosphere
-the sound is amazing 
-cool visual.

the things i didn't like

- lack of doing things, i was playing for 30 minutos and after the 15 i did nothing, i was at the 83 mile and for 15 minutes i "played" doing others stuff in my computer, cause nothing happing. so my suggestion is make the events more with more frequency(and when you are getting close you could make more events appear) .

- the % chance of doing things, throughout my playthrough  all the events were 50% of chance. so most of the time i just saw the reward and risk and think no or yes. my suggestion, make events % different,cause it make a person try it even dough the reward maybe not that good or the risk is high, anothing that could help is a % add with the random event happens to a a certain character (for example a enginner would have more chance to win in events related to enginnering)

- pop up sound, in some events it appear and others don't so it kind randomly make the sound

- events happing 2 times with the same person, two times the model trow away the bettery, make something like that happen less with the same character.

Things that i would like to see in the game

- the events like a mini game, for example picking loot chance(if is a drawer, make the player search in the drawer, the grave, make it dig a hole and so on)

i am new at unity, and blender too i could join you guys?