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hey, i just played Atsuko route on steam, just wanted to say it was really cute, thanks for the story :D

Hey, idk why windows version is being read as a virus but i installed pygame and could play with the files you left for download, pretty cool you had the highscore right above your current score, this and the way the ships move really gives incentive to play again. when you moved and clicked to shoot the first shoot was always on where you were before rather than where u are, that kind of killed me when i tried to shot a ship in front of me but also pretty cool to see a game made with pygame, having sound effects is also a nice touch :D

sorry dude, antivirus immediately recognizes that it is a trojan virus, not even gets suspicious just gives the diagnosis and locks the file

hey, the jump was a little weird to time with the run and i keep getting stuck on platforms above me, the concept of a robot dog looking wrenches was cute though :D

hey nice art and effects, it was only kind of hard to understand what would kill you on the second planet, also reviving on the beginning when we died was discouraging especially on jumps where we couldn’t see the next scene. over all you executed the idea pretty well, the gravity difference was also a cool touch

this was so cool :D at the level 0 i was confused about what was happening but them i realized and it was so fun, great concept and great execution, also the music fit pretty well, the keys changing from phase to phase was also a nice touch

Great game, the art style and color fit well, having a sound bar on main menu was pretty great, the tutorial as very detailed too, didn’t even need to check the commands on description. The only things i didn’t like was “E” being the command to wall jump, it was kind of weird pressing it together with A or D, and the spikes hitbox seems a bit big, but overall a pretty good (also the ability to put our own checkpoints was cool :D)

Wow, that was a really cool concept, and a great use of the color palette too. I’m thankful there was checkpoints because the first purple thing got me by surprise, i ended up giving up when i got to the fall full of purple things and it became kind of frustrating controlling the fall, but overall a pretty cool game, very intuitive too :D

Now this was an experience haha, i now have beautiful children

very cool the generation of aliens

this seems a like a fun game, very pretty :D will there be a windows version? hello! in this game you are a space garbagewoman, tell me later if you found any cool trash

Yeah xD, I have to create a solution to the numbers style problem, and find an equilibrium between speed and the shield hitbox. Thanks for the feedback ^.^

Thanks ^.^ 

Haha, I may have added the "bullet barrages"  to give some emotion, I'm glad you enjoyed them xD

The player really is moving too fast at least with the speed booster, i'll have to test what is the best speed later 

Hey \o

Heartbroken is kind of a space shooter.

In this game you are a angel trying to protect the Heart of your Goddess from those who want to warm it. Your only way attack is using your shield to reflect the magic thrown in the direction of the statue.

Here is what I have done until now:

The game screen and

and game over screen...