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Screenshot thread

A topic by rxi created Feb 17, 2018 Views: 299 Replies: 5
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Feel free to post any progress screenshots here, it'd be great to see what you're working on!


Hey \o

Heartbroken is kind of a space shooter.

In this game you are a angel trying to protect the Heart of your Goddess from those who want to warm it. Your only way attack is using your shield to reflect the magic thrown in the direction of the statue.

Here is what I have done until now:

The game screen and

and game over screen...

The artwork looks lovely!


Pixence - fight your way towards the gate and protect as many villager as you can from the (currently not existing) enemies!

@Agiaht The witch looks cute :)



As an anti-virus, break the codes from the viruses following the decryption instructions to destroy them. It's a typing game with a little twist.


aaah, lovely screens everyone. looking forward to playing all of your games. as for me, i only had today and a few hours tomorrow after work to finish... whatever this is lol.