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Love the flying mechanics, but I can't actually deliver the cargo I think.

It got to a point where everytime I start a new game I instantly lose, but very nice overall


As an anti-virus, break the codes from the viruses following the decryption instructions to destroy them. It's a typing game with a little twist.

Well, Its finally done. Play it Here!

Feedback is appreciated.

Progressing, side-scrolling mode almost complete, strafing added and space station interaction almost complete.

Well, I was just scaling the whole game by 4 including the screen, but I downscaled it back to normal because it was producing more than 4 colors.

So, Hyperdimensional Combat Vessel Arrow is a top-down space shooter and a side-scrolling space shooter hybrid.

Basically the game is divided in two modes, the first and the one that I'm currently working on, is the top-down mode where you have free control of your spaceship in a star system while enemies constantly attack you, in this mode you can travel to 3 different star systems each with its own color pallete, dock in space stations to do repairs and finally assault space pirate capital ships.

The idea is that the game changes to the second mode, the side-scrolling mode, in the capital ship assaults, but it might change with time.

I'm using LÖVE to develop the game and its working fine, though I had to create a shader to fix a problem due to rotation adding more colors to the sprite.

Some pictures of what was done:

The first system on the top-down gameplay, the graphics look a little weird, need to improve the shader

The second system that was made for the top-down gameplay, this one has a blue palette

A shot of the hyperspace traveling sequence, has a white palette.