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fun, cute, great visuals and sound mmm!! i enjoyed it! very complete lil game~!

fun! i like whirling around and firing wildly..! the visuals and music are nice! good work~

(oh nooooo,, i didn't even think of that! it's meant to be like, an eggplant creature?? but i guess that's still pretty similar ahh ;w;)

thanks for the nice comments! and i will definitely remember your character design tip  ; v ;

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oh thanks! ah oh no!! you did nothing wrong aha, love recently had a big update that broke a bunch of older games!! so i need to update this and my other games if they're going to work right hmmm, i should really do that huh! thanks for trying it out even if it is broken, and all the nice words~

edit: ahaha i'm trying to fix it right now.... i see what you mean. it's not much of a game if you can't see the bubbles lol!

ahh i hadn't seen this response! thanks for answering. tuckie did eventually get to me on twitter but i really do appreciate your answering me, so thoughtful of you thank you! ˉ̞̭(′͈∨‵͈♡)˄̻ ̊ both of your projects are very cool!! tuckie, please send me a hard-copy of the tuckie lore, i _will_ need to consult it and highlight various portions

aaah, lovely screens everyone. looking forward to playing all of your games. as for me, i only had today and a few hours tomorrow after work to finish... whatever this is lol.

thanks! and yes i agree! i was racking my brain for more uses for blowing air but i ran out of time...

aww this is super cute. i actually think its genius how emotional sympathy between buddies is made into a mechanic here, like seriously. i like the cute music and amusing emotion sfx and the bold color visuals are really neat. reminds me of a gameboy color. good work everyone!

oh wow thanks! happy that you like my music (๑´ㅂ`๑) your site is very cool and fun to hang out on!

thanks for sharing your thoughts!  especially glad that you had fun experimenting with the bubbles ヾ(*>v<) i'd like to build on it someday...

i really loved this and the comic prequel!! the mood is just something else... like i love the sine wave dialog box, and the visuals are really neat. gosh there's just a lot to love here. of course the ingame theremin playing was a highlight for me! ambitious. what engine is this made in? very good game :)

sure thing! and thanks lol, i'm still surprised that even happened :)

i like it! very puzzling, some of these rooms. i will say the music is a little unnerving... which may be your intention but some relaxing music could fit just as well, i think. nice game.

fun! the graphics are very pretty. i also had trouble with the tiny hops, but for me it might be my space bar. i got to level 8 i think! nice game.

love the simple line graphics (the bunny ufo is super cute!!) as asteroids it's pretty good, though i will say the teleport makes a nice addition. i liked warping around a lot for some reason. your first game too?? nice work! hope to see more.

super pretty. i love the artstyle: the cuboid, blocky shapes in particular. very cool layouts too, it really flows.

consider me coughin'

oh very cool! I love your artstyle and the background looks really cool and leaves a nice taste! sweet to hear you're having fun too! i really want to play your game, it looks like a neat world and fun-to-read dialog.

aside, but i want to try using renpy sometime too. how do you like using it?

is this like a work-in-progress thread? if so here's some screens of my entry... it's not really much yet, but you can make bubbles and jump on them, and blow on dandelions??? i'm having fun at least!