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A topic by nadyuiska created Feb 03, 2018 Views: 159 Replies: 3
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work on the game is long and pretty arduous! im having fun though. its my first time coding/creating ui in ren'py and my first time making a game that doesn't take 5 minutes to complete. i've never had so much fun writing dialogue, i hope everyone else's games are coming along just as well! i'm not sure i'll finish the game in time but that's what beta versions are for!!


consider me coughin'

oh very cool! I love your artstyle and the background looks really cool and leaves a nice taste! sweet to hear you're having fun too! i really want to play your game, it looks like a neat world and fun-to-read dialog.

aside, but i want to try using renpy sometime too. how do you like using it?

is this like a work-in-progress thread? if so here's some screens of my entry... it's not really much yet, but you can make bubbles and jump on them, and blow on dandelions??? i'm having fun at least!


Both of your games looks so cute so far!  I'm happy to see another visual novel here :)  I'm making mine in Unity since it's going to have some rhythm game components to it too... and because I like torturing myself :D

Still,  I'm so excited to see both of your games completed! I don't know if mine will be 100% complete by the deadline, but I intended it on being just a demo anyway.

Here's a sneak peek if anyone is interested!

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The coughing of the pink blood subsided after the first week. I've just submitted our jam and I wanna die. It's sapped all my life force.