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and yes buying the bullet expands the clip size

ok, thanks for all the feadback! 

-I got stuck inside a door once = its pretty hard to stop the player from getting trapped
-laser changes range by no reason = i will check this out
-Bots get stuck in corners = i might have to tweak the ai
-Ammo doesn't refill when you die = should be easy to fix
-In some parts of the map there are pre spawned bullets =the player uses a transform for the bullets it spawns so i have to keep one in the scene I must of forgot to hide it

there! 32bit version is available

oh ya i can add a 32bit version sure!

new update released!

I AM, Major update planned to release soon

yes I know this is a joke game dont take it seriously

ya thanks its my first game jam so I have to cut corners thanks for the complement!

my game glitched and got removed can you add it back please

10/10 love this game!

The wall jump needs work but I like how you can place checkpoints

Great game! it just needs a more enemies. its a little too easy

Great game! all I can say is make the font a little clearer

I love that you have to pump the shotgun it makes it more realistic 

I would love if there was an oasis like a respawn check point

Great game!

thanks for translating it the story is really great

the web version needs a little more space for the text and you need to give a penalty when they press a key but there is no colour there. The art work as simple yet beautiful and you made the controls simple and fun thanks for making this great game

love the HUD design and the lovely pixel graphics please consider adding more unique levels but other than that Great Game!

Thanks for the feedback! I will continue to develop  the game.

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Have Released Zero-G:

You detect a distress signal from a Spaceship and Dock.  You deploy a Droid,  but little do you know the Droid is not the only thing there.

Zero-G is about fighting aliens,  but with a twist,  the bullets bounce and don't destroy on impact. The Droid Can fire 10 bullets and use a Prototype Time Slower.