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Nice! Great game

Thanks! :D I concur big time about needing more props for the rooms

Thanks! I definitely agree with your comment. I wish I had time to make more and better art for each room to make it feel more like you are escaping

I appreciate that :D

Thanks! :D

:D Thanks!

I watched the stream! Thanks for playing. Definitely could have been more clear with the instructions for the one you got stuck on. Definitely wish I had more time to do something different with each room, but alas. Thanks so much for your input :D

Thanks! :D

I appreciate it :D

Haha I'll have to make a cooking game type

Thanks! :D

Incredibly well done! I was thoroughly engaged in the story. Great job!

Nice puzzles! I see that the no collider aspect was intentional, but since you can restart I think it's better to have them in order to force people to actually solve the puzzle. Love the aesthetic of the handheld device. Overall has a cool feel to it. Nice job!

Looks and sounds great! A little hard to see the 'W' UI to hide in the nook. Overall I can definitely see this game becoming a great adventure if there was more too it

I really like the funny looking rabbits haha I really like the concept. It takes a little long to get coins at the beginning. It seems like a creative take on the classic tower defense game. Nice job!

I like the characters a lot! Nice job :)

Nice job! Took me a second to figure out how to play but once I did, I was blasting my way through. Had a fun time.

Great game! Lots of fun, and definitely quite a challenge. Nice job!

Cool concept! I really like the way the cards look, and trying to reason why one card beats another is fun! There is definitely lots of potential! Will you continue to work on it?

Great game! Great concept! I really like the cost of fire a bullet. And the fact that your size also affects your movement (eg. jump height), is really cool too. It makes you really think. It could be cool in the future to have different starting sizes just so that you have to solve each level using the bullets exact as their intended, no more no less. Great job!

A timeless classic. Need I say more

Nice game! I really enjoy the direction you are going in with this game. It's really funny! I would like to know how to avoid dying, but nice job none the less!

Thanks :D

Thanks! Although Punch Yourself is a timeless classic. We'll be telling our grandchildren about that one XD

Thanks! Yes left hand is triggered with the 'A' Key and right hand is triggered by the 'Enter' Key. Thanks for your kind words! :)

Very challenging game, but fun to keep trying to improve! At first, I kept dying immediately because the enemy would spawn right on top of me. Maybe you could wait until I move off the starting block to spawn the enemy. Nice job on this game! Weird and cool art style!

Great game loop and aesthetic. I like how simple and intuitive the controls are. No need for a long explanation, because the UI speaks for itself. This is probably the best use of upgrades I've seen so far, where deciding which one to go for is actually a pretty tough decision. Awesome job

Nice job with this game. Cool mechanic and tutorial. I really like the polish. I feel like there is a lot of places you can go with this game. I like that you have to both anticipate where the enemy is going and also focus on getting the path right. Nice job!

Cool puzzle game. I like the way it ramps of in difficulty and the general concept behind it. Quick and easy to restart the levels. Nice job!

I love the sound design! Just to echo some of the lower comments, this \game is super immersive and makes you feel like you are alone drifting in space. Really great job with setting the mood and a fun game mechanic. Nice job!

This is one of the most unique tower defense games I've ever played. Really cool idea. Nice setting. fun art. This idea has a lot of potential for a full game.  I really like it! Nice job!

That lava really comes up on you quick! It's simple and easy to get hooked on. You show make more consequence for shooting the wrong portal. Nice game! Great job!

I like the little cone character! It was a bit confusing how it worked at first, but once I got the hang of it, I started developing different strategies to survive. Nice job! :)

Cool setting! I'm glad I'm not in space again haha. I really like the music and sound fx. The characters are so simple yet I can tell exactly what they are. Fun game. Nice job! :)

It takes a bit of getting used to it, but once I practiced a few times, I started getting the hang of it. Maybe you can slow the enemy ships down a bit so it would be easier to bomb them. Fun music and cool sound fx. Nice job! :)

Great vibes! I love the music and your art. It looks really polished. It's harder than it looked initially which I enjoyed. Great submission all around

A simple game but I really enjoyed it. I really like these types of games and you did a great job with the art and the end game screen is really funny! I would like to see it ramp up a bit quicker. It's quite easy for a while. I had a lot of fun all the same. I even made the leaderboard!

Great job!

Really unique aesthetics. Cool vibe all around. The blaster shoots at the place I clicked last, rather than the most recent click, I'm not sure if that was intentional or not. Nonetheless, I had a fun time playing. Nice job!