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A game about the saga of Godot's core developer trying to code new features and fix bugs
Submitted by Pigdev (@pigdev) — 5 hours, 21 seconds before the deadline
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Sound Effects#113.5563.556

Ranked from 27 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

What INSPIRED this game?
JUAN LINIETISKY!! Core developer of the engine used for build the game <3

List any additional team members here.
solo :(

List the parts of your game you or your team did NOT make. (Pre-existing assets or downloaded content)
- Garoa Hacker Club font
- Nodes shown in the interface (original and open sourced in Godot Engine Editor repository)
- Backend stuff :P

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WTF is an alpaca anyway?


It's like a horse and a kangaroo had a child


the game was fun hope you come out with more of it


Heyo thanks for the feedback

Check out the game's page we just submitted an entry for Linux Game Jam which add 6 levels and more features to the game :D


lamas all the way. cool little game that i like to see. this one goes into my jimjam gem collection.
I really like how you made the theme into this game from bugs to resale in a short amount of time.


This is on GoDot engine? Really impressive! After finishing my game on UE4, I'm definitely going to try GoDot. Any tips before starting GoDot? I'll be using it on Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS.


Yep! Everything built up using Godot Engine.

Hmm, some advice I can give is: 

  • Signals are an amazing way to setup triggers for your code. They can even be setup easily using the very Editor.
  • Scenes are an impressive and easy self-contained way to design game objects, you can even inherit scenes to extend an object composition (for instance the bugs inherit the same basic_platform_character of the player, but I added some sensors to trigger the jumping)
  • GDScript is easy af, you can learn the whole syntax in 2h, really

I think that's it, thank you for the feedback <3


The syntax looks very similar to Python, so I'll get used to it really fast. :D Thanks!


That was very well done!!


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it <3


Mais um brasileiro na jam? :D Vi alguns vídeos do seu canal! 

Amei a arte do seu jogo e as animações, muito bem feito, excelente qualidade! O gameplay da alpaca também tá muito bom. Só fiquei um pouco confuso com o objetivo, não ficou muito claro para mim o que fazer exatamente.

Um abraço de Recife!


Opa! Abraço do quadrado (DF :P)

Poisé, eu non fiz o design muito bem UIHAEIUAIUEHAIUHEIUAEHEUIA

Eu to trabalhando nesse game esse mês e já tá bem melhor do que essa release pra JimJam, vai ficar bem daora quando tiver mais polido, eu sempre faço releases no dia 5 dia cada mês então... tem bastante tempo pra polir ele!

Valeu pelo feedback <3


Cute little game. Really enjoyed squishing all the bugs and adding "features" - feels like it's what I do day to day. And my record is 805 points - I'm really bad at platformers :( I'll give my 10 years old daughter to try, I'm sure she will beat me :)

What I personally like about this game is that positive feeling when you launch projects without bugs - can play this all day :D :D :D Very good game, artstile is very trendy (I like tha hat :)), music top notch! Love it!


Thank you for the feedback! I'm very glad you liked it <3

Also, the secret to engine development is to ignore the bugs and just launch the features lol (trust me there were some bugs in mid of the development of the game heheh).

If your daughter like it, tell her (secretly) that we are working in this game for the whole month for One Game a Month jam (release May 5th)! 


The game is pretty fun. However, I noticed the jumping can be a bit buggy. Sometimes I would try to run and jump to another platform, and the llama would just jump straight up and down. It seems to be overriding the horizontal movement component. This is a seriously noticeable issue in a game that involves jumping between platforms. Overall, I really liked it, and would give it 4/5.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This game is cute, but I don't know why does a real person associate with an alpaca in your mind. Minimalistic clean style looks pleasing and audio creates a nice and cozy mood. Also a nice and totally accurate representation of a dev cycle :)

Wish I put my commits in a rocket, too.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for the feedback! <3

I don't know why does a real person associate with an alpaca in your mind. 

Inside Godot's community Juan Linietsky is known as Juan Alpaca (because of his avatars)! lol hehe

totally accurate representation of a dev cycle :)

It is! lol the journey of commiting while bugs drop out of nowhere, but stuff gets even worse when we merge branches...ohh that feeling :D


based on the instructions, it wasn't clear that you needed to avoid the bugs, not go after them.

music was nice, SFX got overly loud from all the bugs.


Yeah, unfortunately I didn't have time to a tutoring session, so...I needed textual instructions. Do you have any insights on how can I "instruct through gameplay"? Maybe when the bug appears there is a "KILL IT" label above, or something like that?

Also sorry about the loud volume, I forgot to send the enemies SFX to the right Audio Bus on the mixer :P just fixed it, but I'll add a BGM and SFX slider so that players can properly make their setup.

Thank you so much for the feedback <3


well... I tried both interactin buttons and the bugs just jumped on the player.... so how to kill it wasn't clear... not that you are to kill it.


i love the art style


Thank you <3

Most of the environment were inspired by, but done from scratch, Godot's facebook header image, link below if you're interested :3


Had fun playing this. Great polish, humorous "narrative". I'm sure Juan and other Godot devs would love this.

Nitpick: I think for a game so simple, the controls should be either completely mouse-based or completely keyboard. The mixed controls was awkward.


Yee! I thought using the mouse wouldn't be a nice design choice, especially because (if you see by the menu etc...) the game was initially designed for gamepads, but I couldn't think of a way to do the KILL THE BUGS mechanic work on them. Do you have any suggestions about it? I really don't have a starting point.


For controllers (or all-mouse), you could use picking up the bug as part of the mechanic. Tapping a different button or key could do damage to one of the bugs on you, and you'd have to spam that button/key to kill the bugs off of yourself.


I think I figured out something that may be interesting!

- Now the bugs can be removed by tapping the interaction keys (E/F)
- Bugs that are not attached to anything (console/Juan) can be stomped this includes the boss bug 

What do you guys think? Now everything is on one input method only aaaaannnd....

We can add a coop/competitive game modes since now both players can simultaneously play.