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Very good update man, keep on the good run.

Really liking the story so far
the story is also very cool

Very interesting game, I you are still developing it but the conent is really """"Interesting"""""



just kidding

the i learned from this book and i thought it deserved a comment

WTF is an alpaca anyway?

Duuuuuuuude thats so fucking awesome!
i want to buy a boat!

Thank you

Pigdev made a deal with the G.Devil ....
So, if he converts 100 Souls from Unity to Godot he will get his sense of humor back.

What is an alpaca anyway?

Is that online?

Cuz im pretty sure the green one was cheating

I'd like to write a massive comment about everything I loved in this game, but as a Truth fan, a drug addicted, a punnk and a daftpunk lover the only thing i can say is that you nailed this comment

The Sorter: 

I think you could do it a little better. (We can chosse the ONE kind material that will pass )

One way better to do it would be (select what will pass and what will not)

Nice game, Very cool

* Seems a little complicated in the beginning, but the ''complicated'' makes the differents kinds of strategy possible

* think you might wanna make a tutorial more advanced though.

Nice game.