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i know there is not much to the game right now but im planing out a lot of great things for this game. ive been working and planning out alot of what the game will be doing. i will be posting here talking about the game and taking in ideas for the game or help in anyway you guys feel fit to do, the devblog will be getting most of the updates and i will be streaming the dev of the game on my twicth channel Last Chance Games: Live . hope to see you there to get live updates on the game dev.

i think you should come out with more of the game i think the story is great

the game is fun and great i wish there was more to do

i like the idea of the game, i think it is hard but if you keep up the work wiht it can be something

i really like the gameplay of this game i think this could be a great puzzle game dont let it die

the game is great i feel like this every now and then when making games

i li=ove the idea of the game good work

this game is super fun you should keep working on it and take it to the next level

the game is fun and dark at the same time i cant wait to see where this goes

the game is great i think with a little more to do like pic up and move the boxes would and to the game what it is misss. good luck and keep up the work

the game is easy and fun to play hope you keep up the work and i would like to see where this can go

the game was fun hope you come out with more of it

the game was fun and easy to pick up i hope you keep up the up dates

the game is fun i played it longer then i would like to say in this post. the only problem i had is i could not find out how to use the shield 

the idea of the game is great, the play through was fun. i would love to see where this game go from here. to short, but keep up the great work

i could not test the game there where no servers on or players to try and play it. i will come back later and try it out if i can 

ok, i like the idea of the game it has a lot that it could do. the controls are a little weird, the speed in the smiles movement is really fast. the splitting is a great idea maybe try to make it so can only control one at a time.

thank you very mush for your input, when testing the game my self i did feel like the moving platforms where moving slow but it was to late to try and fix it as the jam had ended and i had already turned in the game. i will be updating the game more and putting it out there to get more input. thanks again

thanks for your input, ya i didn't have much time to let other people test the game. i can see now how getting to the top can be hard. i didn't really get that just for the fact i made the game and testing it my self over and over again i had a easier time getting up there. i will be working on the protect more. thanks again