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Bad Brain DayView game page

Game based on old hand-held Nintendo game called Green House
Submitted by INCD021 (@INCD021) — 7 hours, 31 minutes before the deadline

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Sound Effects#682.5792.579

Ranked from 19 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

What INSPIRED this game?
Depression and an old hand-held Nintendo game called Green House.

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i like the idea of the game, i think it is hard but if you keep up the work wiht it can be something


Thanks for playing. I have no plan on working more on it. I have a main project I'm working on, this was just to have fun and FINISH A DAMN GAME! :)


Before I start: I will try to give you some advice on which parts of the game could be better, because I think, that this is why some people have joined the JimJam. I do not want to pull you down or something, I will just try to point out some things in detail, you could do better, so that you know where you might have some trouble. Even if I sound rough, I do not mean it so. Ok? Good! Now let's start!


This acrade game is simple and fun and the music is not as annoying as you suggest in your description ;P However, there are some things, that could be improven:

At first: The difficulty. Well, it seems, that the game is very randomised. That total randomness leads to some situations, where the player is not able to save all 4 neurons at the same time. Consider to make some patterns, which instead get chosen randomised. Then you could pull up the difficulty by speeding the game up over time.

At second and last: The sound. Well, I think the biggest problem with the sound are not the effects or the music: it is the volume of them. Try to get a balanced volume of the sounds. The bad thoughts are very quiet, what is okey with the music, while your movement and, oh boy, the sticky sounds are kinda bursting the music away.


Well, a nice little arcade game. The music and the sounds are good but unbalanced. The asthetics are very good and are very fitting to the game. Not much work left on this one, good job. Hope I see another game from you in the next JimJam.


Metrollos ;-)


Thank you for taking your time to give detailed and useful feedback :)
All the sounds was kind of just chucked in there, and I didn't spend much time balancing the volume. In my "normal" games I do spend a lot of time, selecting and adjusting the volume. I'll prioritize it a bit more in the next jam :)
The difficulty... As you expected, the start time of the different elements are 100% randomized, and then there are a speedup over time. As simple a difficulty increase as it could be. Not perfect I know,  it's kind of my fallback way of making my games harder and harder. Something I might have to work at.
Thanks a lot :)


Fun, maybe a bit fast paced for me, but I still enjoyed it. Wish they had a rating for originality, because it had that for sure. :)


You're right, the speed increase is a bit much :) But I felt that if it wasn't it would be a bit boring..
Thanks for the kind words :) 


this is great. very fast and hectic yet so simple. i like it


Thanks for the kind words :) Glad you liked it..


interesting throw back to the old LCD games were each character 'position' was a different point on the screen.  The upper neurons didn't make much sense how they were working.


Thanks for playing. :) The upper neurons has been mentioned before, so i'll remember making all parts more visual... visual.. visual-self-explaining :) 
The positioning of the player gave me an opportunity to play with scriptable objects in Unity. I need more training at seeing, when scriptable objects are a good solution to a problem.