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Thanks.  Yeh have have som big plans for it

Yeh. I can understand that then. But it just kinfa struck me is all. But i liked it

fun fact. a debug texture made it in the final version. but it looks good where it was. better in fact than what i asked the game engine to do and i bet nobody can find it.  

yeh me to

i liked this. it looked neat

need left and right movement. other wise i like the teleport mechanic. gave it a little flavor

surprisingly fun even if its looks say otherwise.  got bot chest and all coins with final score of 74. takes a bit of work to had to get good for a sec to do that.


beat the entire game. probably one of the few complete games and i liked it. even the store page was well done. using the 3d level images to look like there part of the page for a polished look.

also i like the let the level teach way of doing things. thats my methoid and i noticed how you play a level twice. and blind on the second try. was pretty neat. and i never got lost.

my one thing is that naming him Tomas. based on Tomas was afraid is kinda... stealing. just slip him a different name. people can see its built after it but stealing names also is less respectful. not a big deal but something worth noting

this was really cool. the brightness was a little unleashed. but i really felt paranoid walking around thinking one of these innocent people want to kill me. is it you. and i pointed the gun at a guy because he looked at me funny and i thought it was him. apologized and moved on.

also the menu was kinda confusing. click to continue doent really fit with several hidden timers. left me waiting/think it would start soon, followed by clicking a bunch and wondering if it was broken. but the game was great.

Thank you. 

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Thanks. Yeh i knew when i started that i may not get the most reviews for obvious reasons. But i love this type of game and i know very little about any other type of game. I learned every but 3d modeling in the last 2 months. 

Well. Could have made an fps but nah. 


this is extremely polished. i dont know that i buy it being a totaly 2 day game. but great game regardless. the music was very nice. and i wouldn't knock it for being premade.

it needs sound effects and wacky music so badly i cant stand it. this was a lot of fun. throw in some explosions on the rockets and ill add this game to my collection when its finished. so much fun

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SUPER FUN. 118 kills. 54 before i learned how to recover health

the one time the purples got me was fricken hilarious

this is great. very fast and hectic yet so simple. i like it

looks neat. needs to go faster

message jim. he will probably fix it for you since you where on time and its a simple mistake

little bit hard. even if your tying to make a point. still the nicest one i have seen so far

yeh. yeh.  thats my end goal. and in the background there is to be a nice lit up tron like city being ravaged by spaceships and in the center there is a massive tower and the goal is at the top. the exit to the upper world. i plan for it to be like an underground city. and there wont really be a big focus on combat, there will be some simple AIs. but mostly running for your life and navigating environmentally dangerous areas like buildings that have been blown up. high rises or the big tower which will have high energy conduits. shield generators, and the factory. the factory will be alot like this level. im thinking this is a small snip-it leading to the broken building, and when i put my personal particles back in it would look even better.  and i bet it will run better. i use a f***ton of stock particles generators to fill the room. so there was way to much.

Arm swinging is actually super intuitive and accurate. I discovered it in hotdogs,  horseshoes, and hand grenades. 

I hated it at first but i tried it some more and found that its wonderful. Theres no motion sickness. And you can  move slow or fast. But honestly this particular level is to small to use it. My earlier experiments where in bigger areas. 

Ive also tried run in it is definitely not comfortable. 

I had also planned to add a gun. But i knew i didn't have time. But gun play with Armswinger is really fun and active.

When i can put this game into a full release ill try to support every system if i can. I want a proper city and some indoor and outdoor scenes and your goal is to escape the city.

Playthrough for people without vr