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yeh. yeh.  thats my end goal. and in the background there is to be a nice lit up tron like city being ravaged by spaceships and in the center there is a massive tower and the goal is at the top. the exit to the upper world. i plan for it to be like an underground city. and there wont really be a big focus on combat, there will be some simple AIs. but mostly running for your life and navigating environmentally dangerous areas like buildings that have been blown up. high rises or the big tower which will have high energy conduits. shield generators, and the factory. the factory will be alot like this level. im thinking this is a small snip-it leading to the broken building, and when i put my personal particles back in it would look even better.  and i bet it will run better. i use a f***ton of stock particles generators to fill the room. so there was way to much.