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beat the entire game. probably one of the few complete games and i liked it. even the store page was well done. using the 3d level images to look like there part of the page for a polished look.

also i like the let the level teach way of doing things. thats my methoid and i noticed how you play a level twice. and blind on the second try. was pretty neat. and i never got lost.

my one thing is that naming him Tomas. based on Tomas was afraid is kinda... stealing. just slip him a different name. people can see its built after it but stealing names also is less respectful. not a big deal but something worth noting

Thanks for your comment. I am happy you appreciated the little things I did to improve the polish.

Since it's a jam game and the topic is inspiration, I thought it would be okay to use the name. Of course, I'd never do that if this was made into a full game.

Yeh. I can understand that then. But it just kinfa struck me is all. But i liked it