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Behold The BeholderView game page

Steal as many treasures from the beholders as you can!
Submitted by Ratstail91 — 1 day, 1 hour before the deadline

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Sound Effects#762.2632.364

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

What INSPIRED this game?
Dungeons and Dragons

List the parts of your game you or your team did NOT make. (Pre-existing assets or downloaded content)
Music and audio

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surprisingly fun even if its looks say otherwise.  got bot chest and all coins with final score of 74. takes a bit of work to had to get good for a sec to do that.



Wasn't sure what the chests gave me, but fun game overall. 


Good foundation, but the enemies are extremely spammy. It seemed like you designed the map to be explored, with chests to open and things like that, but I could barely move because I got stuck in a hallway with enemies constantly spawning on both sides of me.


Nice entry man! Congratulations on finishing the game :3

Some feedbacks I'd like you to consider for further games:

  • In a simultaneous 8 directions movement  game (with that I mean the character can go seamless from any direction, instead of in a snappy way) is better to use mouse for projectiles, as the enemy move to blind spots
  • As an (I guess, if not ignore this) RPG movement based game, would be nice if the movement could be either. or both, faster or/and snappy
  • I liked the mechanic where enemies can hurt themselves (friendly fire ftw <3)
  • More room to the characters, currently the screen's zoom is too close, I know you are probably proud of your art, but it can be even prettier when appreciated a bit further ;)
  • Nice work with the obstacles giving the player a clear objective from the beginning so we can work towards it while playing, good job!

I think that's it, again congratulations on completing the game within 48h! A task for few devs and you're one of them now <3

That's it, keep developing and until the next time!


a classic, which still works, deserves a graphic update and a zoom a little further!

Collected both chest, but nothing happened :( But still a good one :D


Hey, good job. I didn't think anyone would manage that without a lot of work.