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I'll take that as a compliment haha. Thanks for playing.

You should put more time into this! It could make for an interesting game with a bit more content. I liked the overall style of the game, and the item descriptions were a cool touch.

The movement in this game is one of the best I have used in a platformer, and the twist is actually really cool.

Incredible atmosphere.

The game is pretty solid and straight forward. If I had to nitpick there are a few things that were off.Text resolution was a bit too small / pixelated for me to be able to read in full screen in the intro screen. The abilities didn't have a cool down times so I didn't know when I could use certain spells. The toxic / poison spell was pretty OP, it'd just melt the dragon boss in a few seconds. The tree pop in was a little distracting for me personally.

Those are just me picking out little things though. I think this would be fun with some friends / some sort of cooperative play if you plan on working on this project more.

A pretty funny concept. The window was a bit small for me, and I didn't see an option to increase it. I kept clicking off screen by accident.

I ended up wanting to watch the small top down view in the bottom left more than I did the big main game view. Maybe something to think about. I found the game pretty silly, it can be a little hard dodging the birds but I think that's the point of the lose state if it were working. Atmosphere was a little off but it was pretty close, a few tweaks and you could have some thing pretty interesting here.

I gave the game another play today before rating, and it definitely has that silliness factor with a giant horde of fanbots slam into you with no regard for your well being. It's hilarious. It could obviously use some more polish like animations and assets, but a pretty decent runner regardless.

The overall atmosphere is cool, and the play on gravity with the grappling hook really sells the game. It feels a little easy to get lost in space though, maybe a "boost" ability with a long cool down could give players a chance at redemption and get a little more play time in.

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Neat arena game. I like the concept, the highest score I got was 21 kills haha. Edit: Played it some more, it seems that the enemies cubes can push the player and themselves out of the play area. Maybe something to look into.

I now know what the WTF rating is for haha.

Hell yeah!

I will try the new version, must of missed it!

It took me a while to figure how to enter a level but I figured it out eventually, pressing N takes you to that level. The AI are a little unfair as they just spam punch and don't leave enough of an opening to do the cool combos you added. The game is well animated, and is pretty cool, just can't seem to beat the AI.

I think it would be cool to have some sort of high score or survival time. Pretty fun and fast paced, I really like the health UI design. Pretty unique.

Would make for a good tap style game on mobile like Slug said. It's very stylized, I don't think I have played or seen anything like it.

A little challenging but what puzzle game isn't? I liked the theme, it was adorable.

This game was really fun. It could use some music, its kinda silent, but I really liked the puzzles!

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Yeah the game suffers  a little from a lack of audio / visual feedback. It really taught me that audio and effects can be way more important than I originally thought, and it shouldn't be done last minute. Thanks for the feedback!

Would be nice to have some checkpoints if you made the game longer, other than that I like the block mechanics you have.

The attacking feels really impactful like a lot of the others are saying. The little JimJam jingle made me chuckle at the launch of the game. 

Super fast paced! Makes it pretty fun and can make for some tense moments. A lot of cool mechanics going on with this one!

5/7 needs more doghouse art. 

No but seriously the joke voice overs were great and the game play was pretty relaxing.

More abilities would be cool, I liked the time freeze one a lot. Interesting setting, fits the theme well.

I'll be honest, I cheated haha.

Pretty funny, I found myself going out of my way to shoot the other birds more so than going through the pipes and that had me dying a lot haha. Overall fun concept, could use some balance tweaks though.

I gave it another shot with a controller and it felt a lot easier to move the character around. Perhaps a settings selection for different control schemes would help, one preset for keyboard and one for controller.

The overall pace of the game was great, I never felt like it was speeding up too quickly or I hit a wall of difficulty which can happen a lot in this genre. Great job.

Yep, that's what I meant. So players can see something and know that they have already been there before. It wasn't too bad though since it was just one maze, if it were multiple levels with different / larger mazes I could see people getting frustrated. Just something to keep in mind if you work on the game some more. I forgot to mention in my first comment that I really liked the ending.

Wasn't sure what the chests gave me, but fun game overall. 

I liked the concept, but the world felt pretty empty.

The moving platforms slowed the pace of the game, and some of the platforms towards the top felt impossible to jump onto. I think with some more enemies and a bit smoother level design it could make for a cool shoot-em-up platformer.

The bubbles could be kinda hard to pop at times. You can also pop them as they spawn to prevent them from spreading entirely, you could prevent this by making the bubbles invulnerable for a small amount when spawned. I think the main thing missing here is an object, maybe having to protect people from the fog bubbles could interesting, something like the book/move The Mist. Or if you were going for a relaxing vibe it could use some nice music, sound effects, and a simple high score system.

I plan on converting the game to WebGL and doing more ports to other OS once the JimJam voting is over and I can edit the game. Sorry about that!

It's a little hard, I know haha. The levels were being put together as I was playing it over the weekend, so I got pretty good at the game and I completely forgot that to a new player the balance of the levels could be way too hard. Lesson learned for the future. I am glad you appreciate the little amount of humor I was able to slip into it. 

I appreciate the feedback! I think some of the levels could use some balance changes to help with the pace, but it's good to hear there was enough game to play in the end. 

Game was fun, but it would crash every time I would use the grapple hook mechanic with the blue cube and it got stuck on terrain.