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Hey, do you still have the original? I remember playing this a long time ago, and I think it was pretty cool.

Please tell me it isn't lost to time.

I've changed my mind on my project, since steamworks.NET isn't working.

Instead, I'm developing a pokemon-esque pet raiser using a website, since I already know how to do that.

Also, steamworks has some terrible documentation.

Hi! I'm a longtime indie gamedev (15 years and counting), with strong programming and design skills. I wanted to contribute to this new community by creating a steamworks tutorial, since the current documentation is fairly bad, but unity keeps crashing ;_;

I don't currently work, so I can work on the magazine any time. I created the Toy programming language, so I could provide a tutorial for that instead.

Also, I was just thinking, I could provide some short stories I wrote ages ago if you want some fiction to fill the pages. I'll DM you the details via discord.

I seem to be the oldest responder here. I wonder why...



I'll be streaming development of my game Decade Dice to the best of my ability.

You can find my channel here, and I'll start streaming just as the jam begins:

This will be an interesting challenge - I'll be honest, I'm scared as heck.


I'm so much older than you guys! But I've been making games since I was 13, so I've also got the experience and, hopefully, patience to see this through.

Well, I suppose.

I see what you're saying, but there's no way of knowing what will be acceptable or unacceptable in 10 years, so I don't see the point in worrying too much about this.

My idea is a recreation of Dungeon Dice Monsters (The Yugioh spinoff) called Decade Dice. It won't be a perfect recreation, but it'll be easy to pick up and play. Ideally I'd like to get some money flowing too - so this will be a commercial game.

My GDD is here:

I'm itching to start too!

Back to the original topic - dying during the jam is a definite possibility, so it might be a good idea to post "regular" updates every year or so. If you stop posting, then it would be assumed you either forgot, or died. I've actually thought about this a bit, but I think the only practical solution would be to post incremental updates to your game; i.e. hedging your bets.


I hope there isn't a theme, I already have the beginnings of my game planned out.

A fun little game, but I can't get passed the second stage. Best played with a controller, methinks.

Hey, good job. I didn't think anyone would manage that without a lot of work.