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OMG my heart. Thank you for making and sharing this!

With the number of submissions - it's almost a certainty - but the entries will act as a reminder that they were here.

Thank you!

The menu is unintuitive, and the arrow keys are too sensitive - I skipped to the far lane rather than the centre lane almost every time. It's not a bad idea though, well done!

Hey @KlarSail, I've had an amazing spurt of inspiration, and now a bunch of stuff is working, like hatching, breeding, training (that last one will be released on Monday). Just thought you'd like to know!

Thanks! Actually, this really is just a prototype I was playing around with. It uses a system I created called "scalar fields", which is what powers the light, water and heat systems.

I have a tendency to create prototypes and abandon them when I can't do anything with them, when something shiny and new appears, or when I simply lose interest. I worked on the scalar fields for about a month, but eventually the technical constraints proved a bit tiring.

If you want to pick up the scalar fields system yourself, you can get it here: - I figured I might try selling it, but no luck yet. If you ask nicely, I might drop the price for you ;)

  • You can switch the spare item slot with the main item slot with the tab button.
  • If you've got a torch in your inventory, then light will simply follow you around.
  • No run button, sorry.
  • Yeah, I didn't implement a proper lives system.
  • I'm aware that the water wasn't perfect, it needed some kind of drowning system that places you back on shore.

Hey KlarSail, thank you so much for trying out the game! Unfortunately, it's just not ready yet - even the hatching aspect isn't ready yet. I'm currently working on it part-time, so changes are coming slowly (I also take frequent breaks for mental health reasons). However, when it's ready for players, then I'll send out a big "IT'S READY" email to everyone to bring them all in. That won't be for a while though.

Again, thank you for your interest in the game, and I really hope you enjoy it when it's ready!

Actually, you're right.

I'm lazy though...

I don't really mind - I've gotta update my main website, I might eventually do it.

If I do, I'll add a redirect or something to the link.

Hey everyone! Programmer here - if you wanted to play this, you'll need to download the zip. I never did get around to re-hosting the web build.

Wow, thank you for sharing such a personal thing with us!

This was definitely shorter than I was expecting. I can't really say I relate to the character at all. is this really what flashbacks are like?

(1 edit)

A late submission that triggered my anti-virus. What engine did you use?

Edit: Doesn't open.

I played this for like 5 minutes without knowing what to do. No real gameplay to speak of.

I did find an invisible obstacle, and managed to go out of bounds, though.

A happy-ish ending?

No audio, no real controls. Only really three pages of text with unlikable characters.

Sorry, but it's not for me.

Yikes, there needs to be a warning about the flashing lights. Also, it seems like whatever emulator/engine you're using, the engine is accessible via the exit button - I found myself in the terminal.

On the whole, as  a single joke it's funny, but I've played enough snake to know how it ends. Also, you can't move fast enough in the catching minigame.

So I'll just say "good padoru" to you, good sir.

I got a few days in, but I'm not fast enough reacting to play the minigame properly - in fact, it seemed really out of place. I'd like to play again just to see what happened to the family, but I know I won't be able to progress very far.

I really want to know what happens to the mother and son, though. On the whole, this has a very Papers Please vibe to it. If you feel like developing this into a larger game, I'd be up for playing that one too.

Also, you should probably know about the poppy reference, poppies weren't a popular war symbol until after WWI.

Really dark walking simulator, especially the last shot.

A few critiques: the "exit game" button breaks the game in the web build. The character's body doesn't bob when he walks, the gun sound effect was still occurring when I pressed space during the ending credits. But these are really minor.

Well done!

It made me install UE4 runtime - generally not a good idea to make people install things, especially for a small jam game. Also, the fans on my laptop started going mad - you might want to look into performance issues.

That being said, this was very funny. I love the art, the bumper sticker and the "you done gilbert wrong". The only problem is I don't see anyway to refuel the main character.

This isn't working for me, sorry: 

It looks like the screen port size is too small.

OMG, what a unique mechanic! The closest thing I can think of is Pikmin, where you're herding your group around. The art style reminds me very much of The Binding of Isaac. This idea definitely has potential, I just wish there was more challenge beyond the first couple levels. Also, some kind of indication where the edge of the map is would be good too.

The "safe zone" was just a white square, was that intentional? And you know you can control the character in the main menu, right?

I would totally play this again if it had more time to bake.

The assets were bare-bones, no music or sound (and a volume slider that didn't work).

When I got to the "continue" button, it didn't work, so I needed to CTRL-ALT-DEL to close the game.

On the whole, very unimpressed.

Don't forget about this jam just because it's small! I've been looking forward to it!

Yeah, I like the idea of this jam!

I haven't had a proper computer for like 6 months, so I'm gonna be jumping into this jam to refresh my unity skills lol.

Hey, do you still have the original? I remember playing this a long time ago, and I think it was pretty cool.

Please tell me it isn't lost to time.

I've changed my mind on my project, since steamworks.NET isn't working.

Instead, I'm developing a pokemon-esque pet raiser using a website, since I already know how to do that.

Also, steamworks has some terrible documentation.

I seem to be the oldest responder here. I wonder why...



I'll be streaming development of my game Decade Dice to the best of my ability.

You can find my channel here, and I'll start streaming just as the jam begins:

This will be an interesting challenge - I'll be honest, I'm scared as heck.


I'm so much older than you guys! But I've been making games since I was 13, so I've also got the experience and, hopefully, patience to see this through.

Well, I suppose.

I see what you're saying, but there's no way of knowing what will be acceptable or unacceptable in 10 years, so I don't see the point in worrying too much about this.

My idea is a recreation of Dungeon Dice Monsters (The Yugioh spinoff) called Decade Dice. It won't be a perfect recreation, but it'll be easy to pick up and play. Ideally I'd like to get some money flowing too - so this will be a commercial game.

My GDD is here:

I'm itching to start too!

Back to the original topic - dying during the jam is a definite possibility, so it might be a good idea to post "regular" updates every year or so. If you stop posting, then it would be assumed you either forgot, or died. I've actually thought about this a bit, but I think the only practical solution would be to post incremental updates to your game; i.e. hedging your bets.


I hope there isn't a theme, I already have the beginnings of my game planned out.