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Inspired by H. P. LovecraftView game page

Special for JimJam
Submitted by Forild (@ForildChest) — 16 hours, 47 minutes before the deadline
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Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft's page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Sound Effects#53.8673.867

Ranked from 15 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

What INSPIRED this game?
Howard Phillips Lovecraft storyes

List any additional team members here.
solo :D

List the parts of your game you or your team did NOT make. (Pre-existing assets or downloaded content)
Free stuff from the Unity Asset Store:
materials, barrels,water, character controller(modyfied)
Music was taken from and mixed in Audacity

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Dang this one is epic and also really intense! I guess the point is to stay alive as long as possible? (Maybe you could add a timer for highscores etc). It's pretty hard to stay on the ship but that's the point, right? :D I loved the graphics, it looked the part for sure!  Sometimes some parts of the ship didn't seem to have collision, so I would fall through them, but that doesn't matter. Good job on finishing the game, thanks for uploading man!

Edit: upon reading the comments you apparently have to get to the island. I couldn't make it unfortunately! :( I gots to know what's there thoooo


This one was pretty cruel, that's probably how frustrating and difficult it would be to stay on a ship that was doing that! The graphics are really good, and it definitely messes with your sanity when you get up on that deck, I still haven't got past that part yet, it's quite difficult.


Oh man, what you created in such a short amount of time is really amazing! The kraken is one mean-looking beast! There were some tricky bits like the physics on the slops of the island, and the barrels in the first room, but nothing that stopped me from enjoying the game.


These comments are the reason I made the game. Reading that people enjoyed playing it, (despite some buggy parts :D) is really worth it. 


When you are thrown from side to side on a ship deck it really starts to resemble some of Lovecraft stories. And then you notice something coming out of the water! And then you die and restart about ten times to finally step on the weird twisted island to receive an abrupt endgame screen. Give me more! It's a bit frustrating to fall off the ship over and over again and the ending is sudden, but the atmosphere of panic and wonder is definitely there.


Thanks for playing! I would love to continiue the game, but the GameJam's time is too short for that. My goal was to create that Lovecraftian atmosphere, glad you felt it!


Yeah, it took quite a few deaths to realize that forward had the strongest 'push' or 'grip' among the controls to keep myself near the center. I didn't even realize I was approaching an island until the beast passed through the ship. (I also got stuck behind barrels at startup, you might consider removing them from that first room so people can oriented.)

Interesting experience overall, and was nice to meet you in the voice chat :)


Glad you made it to the finish! Thank you for the feedback, it helps me a lot!