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As I mentioned on the LD site, I, as you can see, get a purple triangle in the middle of the game screen. Besides that.... AMAZING work.!

Thanks for playing. I have no plan on working more on it. I have a main project I'm working on, this was just to have fun and FINISH A DAMN GAME! :)

Thank you for taking your time to give detailed and useful feedback :)
All the sounds was kind of just chucked in there, and I didn't spend much time balancing the volume. In my "normal" games I do spend a lot of time, selecting and adjusting the volume. I'll prioritize it a bit more in the next jam :)
The difficulty... As you expected, the start time of the different elements are 100% randomized, and then there are a speedup over time. As simple a difficulty increase as it could be. Not perfect I know,  it's kind of my fallback way of making my games harder and harder. Something I might have to work at.
Thanks a lot :)

Very nice :) Like the old stuff, it was all simpler, and all with a given computer had the same hardware. Sigh.. those where the days.. :)
Not that I wan't to go back.. Hell no... No internet ;)

Damn... I found it to be very hard.. But I really liked it. :)
As a former electronics-mechanic, I was trying to see what chip you used.. .
Very well done :D

You're right, the speed increase is a bit much :) But I felt that if it wasn't it would be a bit boring..
Thanks for the kind words :) 

What is it they say.... "Great minds, think alike." right ;)

"Putting Chopper Away" :) Nice controls, good atmosphere, simple to understand.
Took me 2 deliveries before pressing left shift.. :) 
Very nice game.

Thanks for playing. :) The upper neurons has been mentioned before, so i'll remember making all parts more visual... visual.. visual-self-explaining :) 
The positioning of the player gave me an opportunity to play with scriptable objects in Unity. I need more training at seeing, when scriptable objects are a good solution to a problem.

Thanks for the kind words :) Glad you liked it..

Thanks for playing :)
I still like the idea, that you have to figure things out for yourself. Just like in the old days, before everything could be found on the internet.
And I know there are some bugs, but that's the way it is with short game jams, and I've learned to be ok with that :)

Thanks for playing and for the feedback :) 

140 :)

And 2 turned over batteries that I couldn't catch..

Relaxing peaceful and beautiful. :D

Thanks for playing.. :) I didn't want a score at all, either you survive and escaped (Guess no one ever will, it might be a teensy bit to hard) or you die. Nothing in between ;)

Thanks for for the kind words and for playing.. :)

Very nice :) and funny.

The web version on your own webpage doesn't connect to the highscore.. :/ Windows version does.

Nice Job.

Hardest game ever... Thought flappy bird was hard.. Damn.. :)

Like it, and love the music..

Ok, so when I have something to upload the problem will vanish ;)

Thank :)

I'm new to and would like to add both a downloadable and web version, it that possible? Or do I need to add the game twice? :/

Hi Liam,

What about a poem? You did write "games, interactive fiction, short film, short story, whatever you wish" ;)

Seriously tho' there's no theme or anything to restrict the creative mind? I know I'm going to spend way to much time figuring out what to make..

Looking forward to seeing what people end up making.