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Any Questions? Sticky

A topic by liamtwose created Dec 08, 2016 Views: 227 Replies: 9
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#7daydev pre jam q & a

are text based games allowed?

Host (Edited 1 time)

totally :)



Hi Liam,

What about a poem? You did write "games, interactive fiction, short film, short story, whatever you wish" ;)

Seriously tho' there's no theme or anything to restrict the creative mind? I know I'm going to spend way to much time figuring out what to make..

Looking forward to seeing what people end up making.


I'm new to Itch.io and would like to add both a downloadable and web version, it that possible? Or do I need to add the game twice? :/


Nope you can add both :) just upload the files and choose the check box for each upload that matches the platform type / i.e. played in the web, mac, linux etc...


Ok, so when I have something to upload the problem will vanish ;)

Thank :)

I see that the deadline is actually 2017-01-15 0:00 UTC, not 2017-01-14 0:00 UTC, so it's actually an 8-day-jam?. Is that something automatically done by itch.io or is it intentional? E.g. am I allowed to submit my project at let's say 2017-01-14 18:00 UTC?


Hi Lukas. Probably an error on my part, just ignore and submit; Gives you a little extra time to finalise I guess =D