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Thank you! Appreciate it.

Have created a new form for submitting entries at

Update: 2022/23 Edition is now ready! =D

Hi, thanks, yes hoping to release 22/23 edition soon :)

Great to hear and thanks for the feedback! =D

This is such a neat mechanic and executed beautifully! Kudos. Great work.

Thank you. You're welcome. I'd love to find the time to revamp it. =D

Great work, love the little surprises along the way! Makes coffee making pretty fun!

Amazing work. Nicely polished.

Love this game. Great work in making raising chickens fun!

This is really neat! Great work Jorge!

Ah apologies, no not available on Android, not sure how that got ticked, have amended, thank you :)

whoa...t... scored 28 =D great work!

thank you. Appreciate the feedback! :)

hah very true...

Awesome. I should probably add some more content. Seems quite a few have reached lvl 50 xD

odd, never seen that bug, did you try pressing F5 to refresh to see if it sorts it?

hey hit refresh (f5) and it should start a new level where you got to. :)

Thank you! =D

Thank you! Glad to hear it =D hope it opens doors one day for you! :)

Nope but you've technically beaten the game. =D It's supposed to give you one final boss xD

Thank you... Glad to hear it! =D

refresh the page and it will start a new level so you can continue! :)

hi its magic, anything caught in the light show/s perish (different range) - the idea was that you would build up the mana over time and use the magic as needed. 

Only really useful for the mage, not the rogue. Although it appears I didn't lock the keys so you could use them for the knight also.

Thank you! Will check it out and see it added!

hah guess in that case you beat the game xD

There is supposed to be a final boss..

The green potion = mana (mage)

Meat I think is another means of healing (seems pointless tho with healing potions)

Oh really? =D will test and post an official message! Thank you!

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Thank you for the feedback, apologies :) will address those issues in the next update =D can't remember if I added a means to reset the level or not (in case you get stuck etc)

Amazing, hope you find it useful =D

Hey, yeah that's fine :) appreciate the hard work you've all put into this. Amazing amount of money raised! Kudos!