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This is on GoDot engine? Really impressive! After finishing my game on UE4, I'm definitely going to try GoDot. Any tips before starting GoDot? I'll be using it on Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS.


Yep! Everything built up using Godot Engine.

Hmm, some advice I can give is: 

  • Signals are an amazing way to setup triggers for your code. They can even be setup easily using the very Editor.
  • Scenes are an impressive and easy self-contained way to design game objects, you can even inherit scenes to extend an object composition (for instance the bugs inherit the same basic_platform_character of the player, but I added some sensors to trigger the jumping)
  • GDScript is easy af, you can learn the whole syntax in 2h, really

I think that's it, thank you for the feedback <3

The syntax looks very similar to Python, so I'll get used to it really fast. :D Thanks!