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This looks SO GOOD. Any chance for a Linux build?

This game looks so good! Is there any chance of a Linux export?

Nicely done! I like your commitment to the versatile verbs.

It looks like there's not a data folder in the zip?


./CubeSlide.x86_64 Set current directory to /home/me/Downloads
Found path: /home/me/Downloads/CubeSlide.x86_64
no boot config - using default values
(Filename:  Line: 454)

There is no data folder


It looks like you might be missing some files in the download? I'm getting `Error: Could not load game path '.'.` when trying to run it on Linux.

For controllers (or all-mouse), you could use picking up the bug as part of the mechanic. Tapping a different button or key could do damage to one of the bugs on you, and you'd have to spam that button/key to kill the bugs off of yourself.

This is so cute. Great work. :D