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A topic by Kirsty Fraser created May 21, 2017 Views: 1,597 Replies: 46
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Thread for us all get to know one another before the jam starts! Even if this is your second time doing this or your first, why not introduce yourself, tell us what you do and maybe why you've chosen to join us for the Rainbow Game Jam?

I'm Kirsty, programmer and will be looking forward to actually sticking to the theme this time round for Rainbow Jam Game! Reasons for joining? Last year was such a success and wanted to support Steven this year because what else are friends for?! :D I'm hoping to see more people and with that, the same diverse range of games created and meeting some more of you wonderful people! 



I'm Natalie, something of a  designer / artist / I don't know / speaker / procrastinator / maybe writer?? / COOL KID from Edinburgh! I've been with ScotRainbowGameDev since it's birth in small twitter conversations, but was too exhausted from work last year to take part in Rainbow Jam D: Now that I'm a graduate, I suddenly have a LOT of spare time, and hope to take part fully this year. I recently released a smol free game about transitioning (and trains), and am super into seeing how other people can use games as a platform for queer expression. That, and I'm really trying to flex my dev muscles and create more cool tiny games, so another jam is perfect.

Anyways, looking forwards to seeing y'all come JAM TIME.


Hello! I'm Ceren, an artist originally from Scotland, now living in Japan. (Back home for a short holiday though. Jet lag and gorgeous weather today!) 

To be honest it's been quite a while since i've made a game or been in a games jam. I'm super nervous but wanna get back into game dev hopefully with this jam! As a pansexual person, with a lovely non binary partner, this is an important theme for me. Love and games are for everyone. 

I work classic crazy Tokyo hours and I know the time difference is inconvenient, but I hope I can find a team to work with on making a beautiful game. Nice to meet you all!

Jam HostSubmitted(+2)

Hi Ceren, thanks for joining us! 

We'll be having a thread nearer the time for people who need to find a team so hopefully you can find a team through that! Looking forward to seeing what you make in August!

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Hi all!

I'm Charlie, I'm a gay and trans 3D artist/animator situated in Australia. This will be my first rainbow jam and I'm looking forward to joining a team and making something within the theme.

I'm currently restricted to using my Wacom tablet (extremely limited in use of keyboard and mouse for me due to harsh RSI flaring up quickly each time I use either) and no scripting for me for quite a while I'm afraid. So I'm looking to join a group who can make use of me for art assets and shaders (long as it can be made in shader forge I can stick to mostly using my tablet).

I'm looking forward to seeing the amazing stuff everyone is going to make during the jam, and looking forward to making some lovely new friends too.


Hey Charlie! Welcome on board!

Closer to the start of the Jam we will have a Team Building thread to help others find teams to work with, so please keep an eye out for that on Twitter or here!

Jam HostSubmitted(+2) Link here for you Cro so you can find some team members!



I've barely set foot into game development so I'm trying out as many jams as possible for fun.

Would it be fitting if I 'celebrated' cultural diversity with my game? (It would be based on my country, South Africa, the 'rainbow nation') If anyone is opposed to this please let me know, I won't have a problem with sitting out.


HEY! Of course. Rainbow Jam is about celebrating diversity in any way that you see fit! I look forward to seeing what you make :D 


that moment when you realise yo didn't even introduce yourself on your own jam.... 

Hi I'm Steven! I'm a programmer/producer based in Dundee, Scotland! I'm one of the organisers of Rainbow Jam, alongside Kirsty! 

Last year i had such a great time seeing everyones work and I i'm so excited to see what people come up with this year!
If there is anything I can help with please don't hesitate to get in touch with me on twitter (@steventaarland) or here!

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Jam HostSubmitted(+1)

Hi Stepan!

Thanks for joining us!! I'm sure that there should be a number of groups needing some music throughout the Jam so I'm certain you'll find a way to participate! :)


Hi friends, I'm Lindar K. Greenwood (they/them), games audio person.

I'm looking for an excuse to write more game audio, so here I am!


Your music is fantastic.

Wow thanks! :3

Still up for grabs, no teams yet, so let me know!

Sorry. I'm not in this jam.

Jam HostSubmitted(+1)

Hi Lindar, we've just opened up the find a team post if you wish to find fellow team members in there 😊 thanks for joining us! 


Hi everyone from Barcelona, actually i'm studying videogame design and development, i just made a phew 2D games, and I'm here to learn more about the videogames. I'm so excited to participate on those kind of events. I would describe myself as a gameDeveloper/mechanics designer /level designer, I love to think how should be the game, which colours, which mechanics and all that stuff. 

Jam HostSubmitted(+1)

Hi there,

Great to have you on board with us! Have you done any game jams before or is this your first one?


Hi all,

I'm Ash. I enjoy making random little games for fun as a hobby - I also make the music for them. I also do game related stuff in public libraries. I've flitted around with different game making tools/languages in the past including Scratch, Processing, RFO Basic. I've currently narrowed my game making experiments down to using MSX Basic, Click Team Fusion, Squiffy, Twine, GameGuru Game Maker, Bitsy, & Flickgame. So half of my challenge when I come to make a game is... which tool do I use this time? :-D I've taken part in quite a lot of online jams, but not Rainbow Jam - I'm looking forward to it.  I only came out in the past year, so I'm particularly pleased I can participate in Rainbow jam at this time. I tick some of the boxes in the ever expanding LGBT+ list :-) , but it's probably easier for me to say I'm Q as in "Questioning" and leave it there for the time being. 

Jam HostSubmitted(+1)

Hi Ash, thank you for joining us! I hope you enjoy your time jamming with us! Last year was a lot of fun and a bit of a celebration of game devs and anyone under the LGBTQ+ umbrella! Looking forward to see what you create with whichever tool you choose on the day!

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Hello everyone !

I'm Ralph (Rafel in Catalan language);) and I'm from Barcelona. I'm programmer. I make games in assembler in my spare time for MSX computers and I has released a couple of game in cartridge physical format. Nowadays, I'm teacher in game programming and I make games for PC in OXiAB Games Studio. I'm a Nintendo developer too as third party.

I write code in C++ always, without using any kind of third party engine. I have enough code done for make a 2D videogame. And in future I will try to integrate 3D to my code with OpenGL but no for this Rainbow GameJam. ;)

This is my second GameJam that I do in my life. Usually I don't like to produce games quickly because I think a good work needs time to mature and to become a good game. But In my last experience I saw some good results for make a game from our own code quickly. Maybe I can say that this code is like a little engine, hehe.

Well emm, I will try to do my best and to build a good team to work together.

Nice to meet you.

Jam HostSubmitted(+1)

Hi Ralph,

Thanks for joining us for Rainbow Jam 2017.  Remember to go check out the Find a Team thread as well to go find a team if you havent already! 

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Jam HostSubmitted(+1)

Hi Paige! Thanks for joining us this year , sorry to hear that you were ill last year.  Hopefully you can find the time this year to make something awesome. If you need any help with anything then feel free to get in contact with myself or Steven ;) 

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Hi there :) if you want to work on something with me im looking for someone to do something for the next game jam on august 17th. im pretty good at finding ways to use a variety of art styles creatively. :) you can look at my posts on either the team finding thread or this one. the best place to reach me is my discord acc KelMCcinthay#0908(case sensitive).

I've personally got a lot of time, so i was thinking of trying to find 2-3 artists and another programmer if i could. and i could use my extra time to help coordinate us and fill in the various gaps with my jack of all trades style ~ but honestly anyone who wants to help is great.


Hi everyone! I'm Holland, a composer. I just started getting into game jams, and looking for a team to get involved with. 

Here is a link to my portfolio on youtube. :) I saw there is a team post, so I'll head over there next to see if anyone still needs a composer! 

Nice to meet you all. 

Jam HostSubmitted(+1)

Hi Holland, thanks for joining us! Remember to go join us on Discord as well :) (Link on the overview page) Looking forward to seeing what you create.

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Jam HostSubmitted(+2)

Hi there Cole. Lovely to have you here! Please thank whoever was spreading the word in the discord for us <3


Will do! Sorry I accidently deleted my original post. :/

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Hi there guys, I've spent two years at University of British Columbia for computer science but i found it difficult for my learning style to work in a university environment, often noting that my applicable skills are usually much higher than the majority of people in my classes, but my exam taking skills were awful.  I'm an autism spectrum person, who's looking forward to meeting people and working on a project in a group.

This is my first game jam, I'm a fairly skilled programmer whose learned to use unity well, but honestly i'm more of a jack of all trades. I love creative writing in all forms, I know how to make video game music using lmms+an electronic keyboard, I have a decent eye for animations, and i really love game design. 

Looking forward to meetin you all :) if you want to talk about game dev stuff im down to chat often. the best place to find me is my discord tag KelMCcinthay#0908(case sensitve)


Hi, I'm Jack. I'm a indy game dev in Dundee, Scotland. I moved here from London over 6 years ago to work at YoYo Games, and been indy for nearly 2 years. I live with my girlfriend and help look after her disabled sister. I love game jams, have been entering them for years and usually do OK. And, as of writing, I am currently hosting #LOWREZJAM 2017, which is a new experience for me and has been super fun.

I guess I'm primarily a programmer, though that's more a typecast from employment, lol, I can do the rest too from design, art, audio and music (though my audio and music is rusty these days). I enjoy working on 2D and 3D projects. And I truly do this for the love of it, I make very little money off the games that actually do make anything lol.

I usually make jam games to explore things I haven't tried before, this can end up being stressful when it doesn't work as well as I thought! And, being a jam with a short period of time, I have to stick with it whether it works or not. So I think for this jam, just being hot of the heels of another jam, I'll go with something a little simpler and concentrate on storytelling for a change.

I entered last year and enjoyed it. It's an interestingly different kind of jam. :)

Jam HostSubmitted(+1)

Hi Jack, thanks for joining us! Really looking forward to seeing what you create this year :D

Deleted 3 years ago

Hey Jay! Unfortunately we haven't announced the theme for the Jam yet, we will be announcing it at the very start of the jam. Glad you spotted the game jam and hope that you still decide to take part. If there is anything we can do to help please let us know :) 

Deleted 3 years ago


I'm Iain and this is my first time joining in on the Rainbow Game Jam so I'm pretty excited to get started :) I'm primarily a programmer (C++/C#, Unreal and Unity) but I also do design and a some modelling and sound design. My background is in the games industry and these days I do indie dev and teach game development here in Australia. This year I've been pushing myself to build and release more games and at times it helps to have the external motivation of a game jam. I'm a big believer in the idea that games can be a force for good and for me this is a chance to push myself to make something and to make something that is a positive addition to the world.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the cool things everyone creates :)

Jam HostSubmitted(+1)

Thanks for joining us from Aussieland Iain! Welcome to the RainbowJam family. Hope you enjoy the game jam when it starts this weekend. If you haven't already , head on over to the discord and make yourself known in there. Expect a lot of development posts in there throughout the 2 weeks - can safely say it's a good motivator! 



I'm Jonatan (he/they/whatever), I'm from Poland, doing a Games Technology degree at Coventry University in UK, but currently about to start an internship in Poland. I do C# and Unity, to lesser extent C++ and GML, and I'm a jack of all trades, since I know some modelling, sound design, level design, writing and whatever else.

And I still have no ideas about what game to make. If it gets real bad I might drop off but I'll probably figure something out.

Jam HostSubmitted(+1)

Hi there,

Thanks for joining us and I hope that you can come up with something to make when the theme and diversifiers are announced just before the jam. Remember there's always the discord if you're needing people to bounce any ideas off of :)

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Welp. I'm apparently terrible at how itch does their forums.  Sorry to post twice.

Friends call me Cole. I'm an EAE student at the U of Utah, but doing a "custom" path where I'm also studying cognitive psych and music/sound. Someone on the ineeddiversegames discord told me about this jam, and I couldn't resist the opportunity to make games with the rainbow flag fam. Can't wait to see what we all come up with. Thanks!



My name is Bruno (but everyone calls me Zushi online so feel free to address me however you want :) ) and I'm a game dev (I make everything except for music :P) and a pixel artist from Portugal! I've been doing this for 2 years but only recently been able to make games more regularly!

I decided to join this Jam due to the fact that I've been through a surgery recently and I've been demotivated to go back to drawing and making games. I tried participating in the LOWREZJAM but I had no ideas at all so I'm trying to see if this puts me back on track haha. 

Nice to meet you all!


Hi everybody,

I'm Russell.  I just recently got back into gamedev-- I've done 2 jams in the last few weeks (my first jams ever!  LD39 and NESjam), and I've been learning a lot really quickly.  I've been using the Godot engine.  I want to try doing a project in 3D, but we will see.  Anyway I think I want to do something quite different than the other projects I've completed.

I will be working solo mostly, but have a few close friends who may contribute to the project's concept and music.  


Hi everybody! I'll keep it short and sweet.

I am a young gave developer looking to get better at what I am doing everyday, and doing that by making awesome games. You can check out my games on my profile :)

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My name is Liz from the USA and I am a Developer, Designer, and 2D Artist with a Game Jam win and cash prize already under my belt for a board game I created in June. Somebody extremely close to me is currently going through transition from male to female and it's been very trying on her to gain support in our current environment. My project, which I've only thought up a name and general concept for (no assets or anything besides thoughts), is called Matter & Exist. It's going to star a transgender character as she finds others and gives them the inspiration to let themselves be happy with themselves. 

The reason for me joining the jam is because I was going to make this game either way. I want to make a game that helps people find the inspiration to be themselves and be proud of that person. I also want the game to get some things a little wrong though too, like general initial misconceptions about LGBTQ+ individuals and address these misconceptions in an understanding and teaching light, not one that invokes exclusion or prevents individuals from asking questions. Ultimately, the game's message is of understanding and encouragement, and joining the Jam gives me a deadline and incentive to complete it.


Hi all!  I'm... SUPER new to itch.  I'm an artist and would love to help out in any way that I can.  Can... can someone message me about how things generally work here?


Hey There! 

So just a heads up a game jam is a hackathon for video games. It is a gathering of people for the purpose of planning, designing, and creating one or more games within a short span of time, usually ranging between 24 and 72 hours, and some even longer.

Rainbow Game Jam encourages users to create games exploring and celebrating identity, gender, sexuality, life, and love! Games are for everyone, and anyone can create games!

Rainbow Game Jam is a 2 week jam, starting tonight at 12:00am. If you are looking to work on something during the Jam feel free! Check out our Discord if you would like any help, there are lots of people over there who i am sure would be willing to help and guide you :D


Hello everyone, my name is Angelica, I was assigned male at birth, but in the last couple of years I have been questioning my gender, after moving to a more open minded country when starting university, and meeting LGBT people

My reasons for joining the jam are simple:
  • I always felt left out from the LGBT of my school since to them I appear as an ordinary cis straight guy, so I am using this opportunity to be able to introduce myself to people as a woman and be able to take part in an activity which makes me feel I am part of the LGBT community, I am deadly afraid of being judged by both LGBT (I am afraid I will be called a fake, and people deny me the right to acknowledge my feelings) and not LGBT people (my father is a self proclamed nazi who talks of exterminating LGBT people, and in my country open gay people are usually harassed and beaten up, so I am kinda deadly afraid of those people), so I can only do this by hiding behind an online avatar, and knowing that whatever I say here will have no consequences for me
  • for a long time I wanted to express my complex emotions and inner struggle in some artistic form, in the past I expressed some of those emotions by drawing some comic strips to express my admiration for a trans girl in my class, but to her I am just some random dude who has a crush on her, I am too anxious to talk to her, let alone explain what's going on inside me, and she could not care less about it, so I decided I will express my emotions some other way to other people, as it just makes me feel bad to keep them inside

Now that that's out of the way, I am a game development student at my university, I am mainly oriented towards design in my course, but I am also a skilled gameplay programmer, producer/planner/team leading figure, and I also have minor artistic skills, my goal is to become an iconic lead designer such as Hideo Kojima, Ken Levine, or Tetsuya Nomura, therefore I am trying to broaden my knowledge to every field of development, to give me the level of insight a true leader should have to lead his team to create timeless masterpieces.
I plan to develop my game in Unreal Engine, the engine I am the most skilled with (closely followed by Unity, and in the distance by CryEngine and Lumberyard, which I shrug at the thought of working with again), and I would like to try to model some low poly assets myself, since I have two weeks and modeling is a skill I could really use learning right now, but I shall see if that turns out to be feasible or if I shall coup out and get some premade assets if I cannot make them in time.

Sorry if this is a lot of text, I just really needed to ventilate some of my inner thoughts, and whenever this topic comes up I become very vulnerable and have to get it all out, but now I actually to click on the Post button and I am super nervous so I just keep adding more text, I think I'l just quickly post this, then close this webpage and not check it again for a good 20 hours, okay bye!


Hi, only just found out this was a thing but gonna give it a go. 

Done three Ludum Dares as a team artist, and one as a solo project ( so familiar with jamming but not done such a long one before.

Just finished making a video game about growing up trans as part of the Continuum exhibition at Manchester's People's History Museum ( which is currently showing until September. Am planning a larger indie project, but struggling to get a handle on where to start so this jam might be a good bit of padding before I take on another big project. Will most likely be working mostly solo but with coding assistance from my game dev wife, and have a composer as a potential for sound design.

Good luck everyone :)



I’m Alison, a Game Artist/Designer/Programmer from Australia.

My only experience with Game Jams is that I did one two years ago over 48 hours. I am currently in my final year of a Games Design degree. Obviously i’ll be focusing on that, but I simply couldn’t miss out on a LGBTIQ jam.

My game’s working title and concept is “All That I Touch” and will involve turning object colours into the colours of pride flags (you choose which flags to use). 

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Hi all, my name is Célia, I'm from Portugal, mom of 5 kids,  anthropologist by formation (never had the chance to work in the field though, I was allways having kids, no regrets). 

I'm also many more things as we all are in life and depending on context. Anyway,  I decided to enter this game jam, even if I just discovered it, and never heard of jams before (only music jams, where we improvise). I feel this jam is perfect because it has rainbows in it and a positive energy :)  - and I live diversity. 

Also I would like to gamify a small book that my young children and I created some time ago, and learn to make a game in the process. In addition, I need a time frame, or else I would never finish it, because I have a hard time finishing things. 

The book-game is about a lonely girl and the importance of little random acts of friendship.