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Introductions Sticky

A topic by Kirsty Fraser created 33 days ago Views: 152 Replies: 10
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Jam Host(+3)

Thread for us all get to know one another before the jam starts! Even if this is your second time doing this or your first, why not introduce yourself, tell us what you do and maybe why you've chosen to join us for the Rainbow Game Jam?

I'm Kirsty, programmer and will be looking forward to actually sticking to the theme this time round for Rainbow Jam Game! Reasons for joining? Last year was such a success and wanted to support Steven this year because what else are friends for?! :D I'm hoping to see more people and with that, the same diverse range of games created and meeting some more of you wonderful people! 



I'm Natalie, something of a  designer / artist / I don't know / speaker / procrastinator / maybe writer?? / COOL KID from Edinburgh! I've been with ScotRainbowGameDev since it's birth in small twitter conversations, but was too exhausted from work last year to take part in Rainbow Jam D: Now that I'm a graduate, I suddenly have a LOT of spare time, and hope to take part fully this year. I recently released a smol free game about transitioning (and trains), and am super into seeing how other people can use games as a platform for queer expression. That, and I'm really trying to flex my dev muscles and create more cool tiny games, so another jam is perfect.

Anyways, looking forwards to seeing y'all come JAM TIME.


Hello! I'm Ceren, an artist originally from Scotland, now living in Japan. (Back home for a short holiday though. Jet lag and gorgeous weather today!) 

To be honest it's been quite a while since i've made a game or been in a games jam. I'm super nervous but wanna get back into game dev hopefully with this jam! As a pansexual person, with a lovely non binary partner, this is an important theme for me. Love and games are for everyone. 

I work classic crazy Tokyo hours and I know the time difference is inconvenient, but I hope I can find a team to work with on making a beautiful game. Nice to meet you all!

Jam Host(+2)

Hi Ceren, thanks for joining us! 

We'll be having a thread nearer the time for people who need to find a team so hopefully you can find a team through that! Looking forward to seeing what you make in August!


Hi all!

I'm Charlie, I'm a gay and trans 3D artist/animator situated in Australia. This will be my first rainbow jam and I'm looking forward to joining a team and making something within the theme.

I'm currently restricted to using my Wacom tablet (extremely limited in use of keyboard and mouse for me due to harsh RSI flaring up quickly each time I use either) and no scripting for me for quite a while I'm afraid. So I'm looking to join a group who can make use of me for art assets and shaders (long as it can be made in shader forge I can stick to mostly using my tablet).

If you need to see examples of my work I've a demo reel with some recent examples:

You can also check out my itch.io profile, blog, or devlog for more examples.

I'm looking forward to seeing the amazing stuff everyone is going to make during the jam, and looking forward to making some lovely new friends too.


Hey Charlie! Welcome on board!

Closer to the start of the Jam we will have a Team Building thread to help others find teams to work with, so please keep an eye out for that on Twitter or here!



I've barely set foot into game development so I'm trying out as many jams as possible for fun.

Would it be fitting if I 'celebrated' cultural diversity with my game? (It would be based on my country, South Africa, the 'rainbow nation') If anyone is opposed to this please let me know, I won't have a problem with sitting out.


HEY! Of course. Rainbow Jam is about celebrating diversity in any way that you see fit! I look forward to seeing what you make :D 


that moment when you realise yo didn't even introduce yourself on your own jam.... 

Hi I'm Steven! I'm a programmer/producer based in Dundee, Scotland! I'm one of the organisers of Rainbow Jam, alongside Kirsty! 

Last year i had such a great time seeing everyones work and I i'm so excited to see what people come up with this year!
If there is anything I can help with please don't hesitate to get in touch with me on twitter (@steventaarland) or here!

Hi, I'm Stepan, I'm an Austrian-based composer. This is my first first online Jam, I'm looking for a group that can benefit from my musical abilities. 

Feel free to message me on Twitter (@StepanSobanov) or check out my Soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/sobanov

Hi friends, I'm Lindar K. Greenwood (they/them), games audio person.

I'm looking for an excuse to write more game audio, so here I am!