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Kirsty Fraser

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Replied to Cerenios in Introductions

Hi Ceren, thanks for joining us! 

We'll be having a thread nearer the time for people who need to find a team so hopefully you can find a team through that! Looking forward to seeing what you make in August!

Created a new topic Introductions

Thread for us all get to know one another before the jam starts! Even if this is your second time doing this or your first, why not introduce yourself, tell us what you do and maybe why you've chosen to join us for the Rainbow Game Jam?

I'm Kirsty, programmer and will be looking forward to actually sticking to the theme this time round for Rainbow Jam Game! Reasons for joining? Last year was such a success and wanted to support Steven this year because what else are friends for?! :D I'm hoping to see more people and with that, the same diverse range of games created and meeting some more of you wonderful people! 

Great experience and I'm kind of loving the character popping off from the rest of the game as well. Think some sounds for when you're walking / running would be good to take away the gliding effect that this has.

Now the theme has been announced what is everyone making?

I'm working on a 2D space shooter with waves of enemies but going to be exploring the 2 player 1 controller constraint with this game. Hoping this can be a project I can push myself at for adding extra interesting features that I've not done yet for a game!

Waiting for the theme to be announced although have a few game ideas that I'm wanting to try out. May see if I can get the theme to fit in with one of them ^_^