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Kirsty Fraser

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Lovely game! Hope this is developed further in the future.

Lovely game and fantastic feel of community within the game.

Lovely concept although took me a while to realise that space meant the dash. Controls were a bit awkward to control the character at times but something to improve on in the future! Well done!

Not normally into platformers but this was really nice. Artstyle was great and a likeable character! Well done folks! Hope you carry on with this after the jam! :)

Lovely game, had some UI issues where the inventory wouldn't go away (dont know if i was hitting the wrong button or not!) For future, maybe a popup for which key to hit to interact with things (instinctively I was hitting E but had to back out to the main menu to check controls) Well done on getting so much done in the two weeks!

Nice game! Colour introduction was done well into the game. As others have mentioned - W key for space and had the same collision issue. Maybe increase the timer of some of the levels later on as not all levels will take 10 seconds to get through. Great starting point for a game. Well done!

Struggled to understand what I was doing initially. After a while understood that it was about matching up the 'pairs' but as Reign, mentioned, can leave it in a bit of an unsolvable state at times! Nice and relaxing music!

hi Reign, its just come to my attention that the build that's been uploaded is broken and no additional colours are being generated. I hope to fix that this evening and reupload the game. Thanks for taking the time to play though! 

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[Note , given up trying to keep track of the days!]

Today's progress has mostly been on the polish side of the game. I know there's still some bugs left but who doesn't love last minute bug fixing before submission eh? :P

Worked on the following items today : 

1. improved the start and end screens to the game by getting rid of the grey background and adding the credits on a scrolling text. (see below)

2. added in background music (thank you freesound.org) and SFX for the players death, jumping and colour pickups. I use five different sounds for jump and death, choosing one at random to give the game a bit more variety.

3. Still playing around with the balance of the game slighty - feedback pending.

4. Name change to space spectrum (still WIP?!)

I'm realising now I'm going to have to have a cut off point where I'll be happy to submit the game and work on expanding it after the jam has finished.

For tomorrow, I'm wanting to focus on the following before submitting :

1. Getting all bugs related to gameplay squashed.

2. Upgrading the UI elements to move away from Unity's default ones.

3. Some more polish on the player when they're moving lanes (particle effects, SFX etc)

We shall see tomorrow if we can get it done in time for submitting tomorrow night (esk!) Wish me luck!
Latest build can be found over at : https://kfrasergames.itch.io/spectrum-streets

day ?!? 

unfoetunately didnt have a productive weekend as I was hoping for and I'm now on the sprint to get as much polish in this game before submitting on Thursday night (no pressure!) 

Been taking on feedback and advice from those who have tested the game and have now resolved the issues

  1. player feedback. This includes a particle effect when landing after a jump(still buggy) and the player having a bit more motion while running. Animation may be being added later depending on time. 
  2. Balancing. Player will begin in middle lane and the spawning of checkpoints has been altered so no matching lane colours and pick ups appear. I.e. yellow pickups in the yellow lane. further improvements have been done to the player jump to make it more believable. 
  3. Ability to use A/D keys for moving left and right. 

New build should be live tomorrow once more issues have been resolved. 

Downloaded it to play this afternoon, experienced some fast flickering on the words while going through the game. Don't know if this is intentional or not. Thanks for submitting!

[Days 4-7 there was no development done due to other commitments.]

Day 8

Previous to this day. I had done some asking around of what people thought of the game through gifs that I was showing them. After some discussion with them I realised that I should be handling the ability to change lanes differently - cue the third iteration of how I'm doing it in the space of a week! The player will pass through 'checkpoints' (working name) and will pick up colour. This allows them to swap to that lane where possible. Grey checkpoints will void a player of all colours they have collected bar the lane they are in. This may mean for some tricky situations in where the player may be stuck on a lane that doesn't generate a lot of bricks. Here is how the game is looking now :

Besides this, some changes were made to the code as to how the checkpoints and lanes we're being generated which took majority of the day to get back to the state I was in last week.
Thankfully I've been graced with a three day weekend and not a great deal to do in it so I'm hoping with some testing, feedback and iteration, I can start to polish this game up ahead of submission next weekend.
If you would like to play the game yourself, then head to https://kfrasergames.itch.io/spectrum-streets where you can play in browser. Any feedback please leave below, on the game page or in the discord if you're active in that (@KirstySays in there)

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Day One 

I interpreted the theme for the spectrum with the use of colour and would create an endless runner that had different coloured lanes. The player would have to be the correct colour for the lane they were in and could only swap lanes at sections that offered the colour that you wanted to move to.

The first two days would be spent trying to get the basic prototype done which would allow me to work on improving it for the next two weeks of the game jam.

Progress on the first day went well - managed to get the basic lanes and player movement set up.

Once this was in place, I wanted to focus on getting the areas where the player would pass through to get to the other colours. I managed to get halfway through this before having to call it a night.

Day 2

Bit of a slower day for progress. A few design and technical walls had been hit but finally got a basic prototype of the game done.

Finished up with getting some more art and polish into the game. This was the first time that I had used magic voxel for art. I'll probably keep with it throughout the forthcoming weeks to improve the art and keep iterating.

Hi there,

Thanks for joining us and I hope that you can come up with something to make when the theme and diversifiers are announced just before the jam. Remember there's always the discord if you're needing people to bounce any ideas off of :)

Thanks for joining us from Aussieland Iain! Welcome to the RainbowJam family. Hope you enjoy the game jam when it starts this weekend. If you haven't already , head on over to the discord and make yourself known in there. Expect a lot of development posts in there throughout the 2 weeks - can safely say it's a good motivator! 

Hi Jack, thanks for joining us! Really looking forward to seeing what you create this year :D

Hi there Cole. Lovely to have you here! Please thank whoever was spreading the word in the discord for us <3

Hi Holland, thanks for joining us! Remember to go join us on Discord as well :) (Link on the overview page) Looking forward to seeing what you create.

Hi Paige! Thanks for joining us this year , sorry to hear that you were ill last year.  Hopefully you can find the time this year to make something awesome. If you need any help with anything then feel free to get in contact with myself or Steven ;) 

Hi Ralph,

Thanks for joining us for Rainbow Jam 2017.  Remember to go check out the Find a Team thread as well to go find a team if you havent already! 

Hi Lindar, we've just opened up the find a team post if you wish to find fellow team members in there 😊 thanks for joining us! 

https://itch.io/jam/rainbowjam17/topic/125385/find-your-team Link here for you Cro so you can find some team members!

Wanting to jam but no-one to help with art, code, design or audio? Fear not, we're here to help! Find fellow jammers to team up with before the jam starts on August 19th!

Post which discipline you are (Code, Art, Design etc.) and what tools you normally use to build your games. We advice keeping to smallish team sizes (5-6 people max) to keep the productivity high and a better chance of making an awesome game by the end!

Hi Ash, thank you for joining us! I hope you enjoy your time jamming with us! Last year was a lot of fun and a bit of a celebration of game devs and anyone under the LGBTQ+ umbrella! Looking forward to see what you create with whichever tool you choose on the day!

Hi there,

Great to have you on board with us! Have you done any game jams before or is this your first one?

Hi Stepan!

Thanks for joining us!! I'm sure that there should be a number of groups needing some music throughout the Jam so I'm certain you'll find a way to participate! :)

Hi Ceren, thanks for joining us! 

We'll be having a thread nearer the time for people who need to find a team so hopefully you can find a team through that! Looking forward to seeing what you make in August!

Thread for us all get to know one another before the jam starts! Even if this is your second time doing this or your first, why not introduce yourself, tell us what you do and maybe why you've chosen to join us for the Rainbow Game Jam?

I'm Kirsty, programmer and will be looking forward to actually sticking to the theme this time round for Rainbow Jam Game! Reasons for joining? Last year was such a success and wanted to support Steven this year because what else are friends for?! :D I'm hoping to see more people and with that, the same diverse range of games created and meeting some more of you wonderful people! 

Great experience and I'm kind of loving the character popping off from the rest of the game as well. Think some sounds for when you're walking / running would be good to take away the gliding effect that this has.

Now the theme has been announced what is everyone making?

I'm working on a 2D space shooter with waves of enemies but going to be exploring the 2 player 1 controller constraint with this game. Hoping this can be a project I can push myself at for adding extra interesting features that I've not done yet for a game!

Waiting for the theme to be announced although have a few game ideas that I'm wanting to try out. May see if I can get the theme to fit in with one of them ^_^