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I feel honored to be included in your video, if not a little embarrassed xD
This was my first solo jam and first real jam (still an extreme newbie just setting foot in game dev) so I wasn't expecting much at all. Kinda just did this for myself as an attempt to just get the mechanics to work.

I can't believe someone took the time to download/play/record my game though and would like to thank you a lot for "giving me some of your time". I'll definitely try and show some support to your channel (I am extremely scared of watching anyone play my game though).


Hello, I got the music from a collection of chiptunes so either I am missing something or I added the wrong song...

This was my first solo jam & I'm still a major newbie so I'm sorry for these mistakes but I'm just writing them off as being part of a "learning experience".

I am however extremely thankful that you took some time out of your day to play my silly ole card game :) So thank you very much for that!

@AdamStrange - Yeah this was a misunderstanding of the color palette rules. I will be changing some colors within the next few days to match the rules :) 

Love it xD
Seeing each part of the design document somehow smashed in here is very funny, well done.

We're eating fish tonight!

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(Your  game looks interesting ben, can't wait to try it :)  )

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While looking at the design document I came across this:

It has some interesting views on the design document xD 
Good luck to everyone taking part!


I've barely set foot into game development so I'm trying out as many jams as possible for fun.

Would it be fitting if I 'celebrated' cultural diversity with my game? (It would be based on my country, South Africa, the 'rainbow nation') If anyone is opposed to this please let me know, I won't have a problem with sitting out.

I love this concept xD looking forward to playing!

Hey beetosu,

I'll be spamming your suggestion box over the next few weeks (I'm starting exams so I'm looking for stuff to keep me busy that doesn't take hours at a time). If you wanted I could even take a shot at writing those articles ;)

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If Papers Please and Reigns decide to become less serious and have a baby it would look like Suggestion Box.

I think this game can be really funny and if you haven't checked out the two games I mentioned above (which I find hard to believe) I would suggest doing so for ideas (maybe I could work for a week and then after screwing up during day 1 I receive some suggestions on my next day that can help me rebuild the world around me and restore peace).

Had fun playing it - unfortunately I ran out of new suggestions by my second sitting (which is understandable)

Waiting for more :)
Enjoyed it!