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If Papers Please and Reigns decide to become less serious and have a baby it would look like Suggestion Box.

I think this game can be really funny and if you haven't checked out the two games I mentioned above (which I find hard to believe) I would suggest doing so for ideas (maybe I could work for a week and then after screwing up during day 1 I receive some suggestions on my next day that can help me rebuild the world around me and restore peace).

Had fun playing it - unfortunately I ran out of new suggestions by my second sitting (which is understandable)

Waiting for more :)
Enjoyed it!

Hey okkie, very glad you enjoyed the game!

You actually hit the nail on the head in terms of influences, absolutely love both of those games to death. In hindsight it's kinda funny that I'd make a game inspired by games like those, considering how horrible I am at both of them lmao.

Two playthroughs seems to be the magic number sadly, I was hoping I would have enough good ones for 10-15 minutes of gameplay, but I couldn't for the life of me think of any other good ones :(. I'm hoping I can come up with a lot more suggestions and maybe have a big ol' update in about a month, so here's hoping that adds a little more bang for your buck!

Thanks again for your comment, it means the world to me that someone would take the time to provide feedback on my dumb lil' game :D


Hey beetosu,

I'll be spamming your suggestion box over the next few weeks (I'm starting exams so I'm looking for stuff to keep me busy that doesn't take hours at a time). If you wanted I could even take a shot at writing those articles ;)