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post screenshots of your game thus far??

A topic by benmakesgames created Jun 18, 2017 Views: 196 Replies: 6
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(Your  game looks interesting ben, can't wait to try it :)  )


I'm pretty jealous of your graphics!

All i was able to make is this pretty Trumptopus!


I'm also jealous of okkie's graphics. I've tried to draw graphics without hard outlines, and they're always way worse :P

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Ok that Trumptopus is hilarious, I have no idea what's happening but the game already looks fun

Here's my slightly cryptic screenshot:


doodling, contemplating how to animate the water and what gameplay to add...and I need to shift that pier.


only one day left! I think I basically have to call the game "done" at this point... I'll probably spend what time I can find tomorrow adding stats to the "album" (that graph emoji! it must be respected!) like: % of different wildlife fished... # of planets visited... anything else I can think of... (distance travelled? I dunno...)