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Emojiam was born from a Twitter conversation. You must create a game based on a Game Design Document that is written entirely in emojis. You can find it here. This document is to be used as a series of suggestions—interpret it however you like and use as many or as few subheadings as you desire!

You will have one week to make and submit your entry. There is then one week for voting before winners are announced. Winners receive undying gratitude, and emoji hugs.

Otherwise you are limitless, you are free.

Thank you @marben for suggesting the punny title for the jam. How could we possibly say no?


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Interactive fiction expressed in 5 emoji languages. Made with Twine 2
Create amazing art using a fish and a burger! Then take a selfie with it!
Incoming! Emojis are attacking your base, blast them out of existence!
Use photos as platforms as you journey across the sea
It is a prototype for a score based simple fish catching game. It has no audio iimpelemted at the moment
A local multiplayer game of tag.
a print-and-play board game
Explore space. Fish fish.
Emojiam Game Jam Entry
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Normal Fisher Day i s a game about a fisherman who fish for his wife. What a beautiful story.
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