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Yes, the jam was extended, from the Discord:

"Yup giving everyone an extra two weeks!
Will do a proper announcement on the weekend

Good point about the ladders, will look into making it a bit more obvious / easier to discover.

Originally I was thinking that the owls should disturb you while reading the books to add to the challenge, but I agree that it's pretty frustrating. I reckon if the owls' behaviour is updated to make it harder to actually get to the books, but they pause while you're actually reading, it could keep the difficulty level up while reducing how frustrating / unfair the game feels. Will play around with it

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

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Yes! The repository on github is hosting the most up-to-date code:

There's even a handy .zip available here:

Now that the jam is properly over, I've updated the game with a bunch of internal fixes, but also added a control remapping screen. It's not perfect (mouse click / move can't be changed), but at least the default WASD are changeable now.

I'll definitely be putting more of a focus on proper internationalisation for future games, thanks again for the playtesting!

Hey, thanks for the comment and kind words :D In the next week or so I'll be making the source code a lot easier to look at (e.g. adding comments everywhere), so if you like I can let you know when that's available. Feel free to ask about anything too!

Mine used combined keyboard and mouse controls, which was difficult to port over to gamepad (I guess a moveable cursor to aim the laser would work, but I don't think it could work as well as the mouse)

There's only a set number of stages before the game ends, so not infinite - but I didn't have time to properly balance it so it might be impossible to finish :< Glad it works for you now xD

The fix is up, try re-downloading and see if you have any luck

Hey, thanks for playing :D

Aha, this helped me find the problem! In the code, I display the score as a number e.g. "150.10". I didn't factor in that a bunch of places  write this as "150,10", and that comma is what I'm guessing is causing the crash. I'll be able to upload a fix for you in a few hours but changing your computer's language *might* make it work for now? Sorry for the inconvenience!

I'll be able to look at it again in a few hours - I'll let you know when there's a new version up, thanks for your patience

I've uploaded a new version (, which might fix a problem with music playback. Would you be able to give it a go and let me know if it works for you? Thanks!

Thanks for letting me know - which operating system are you using?

Hi, please check out the game's page / the included README.txt for controls and other instructions! Thanks

Thanks for playing! I'll definitely upload the fix for the "leave the level whenever you want" problem after the game jam has properly ended

Thanks for playing, and for the comment! I rushed the whole "gameplay" part of the game which is why the levels probably feel a bit packed. After the jam I'll definitely go through and properly balance the stages (and stop the player from leaving the level...).

I'm still not convinced that the diagonal-shooting-when-turning works that well - maybe if it was less of a drastic effect? Anyway, thanks again for the feedback

HI randomphantom, thanks a lot for playing. I agree that the dual purpose theme is a bit weak; part of the idea that didn't end up getting done in time was that there would be multiple whales on screen at once - so you would be trying to catch whales on the mattress at the same time as dodging bricks.

I found that "hug the wall to win" problem too but couldn't think of a solution :< maybe whales should be able to pass the sides of the map, which would count as a miss?

Thanks again!

A couple of minutes of entertainment is all I was looking for :D Getting hit by bricks makes you lose score (-100 from the whale's 1000), but the lack of feedback certainly makes the stage feel pointless. Some flashy text when you land a whale, plus even more flashy text for a perflectly unbricked whale would have probably added a lot to the experience.

Thanks a lot for the feedback :D (I'll be able to play your game later today)

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The graphics are awesome, I really like the fallaway effect for the level.

The puzzles themselves were great too; I love the mechanic (and only being able to turn around when you move is neat) and there are a lots of things that could be added to expand on the concept - breakable rocks (after x number of hit bullets), falling platforms, enemies with inverse movement etc. etc.

Super neat idea and the puzzles were perfectly challenging. I got stuck for a loong time on level 3 until I found the solution, maybe introducing diagonal movement, especially "through walls", could be introduced in a more straight-forward way before this level? Figuring out the last few levels was satisfying.

Nice work overall!

Now if only the gameplay was as good... thanks for playing :D

Thank you :D After submitting I think I might have preferred some derpy whale sounds, but I guess either works

This is really cool, I like the little details with how he holds his breath (it looks like an angry pout which is great) and the lower water level against his body which adds to the "realism".

Bonus clip: Link

The walk animation cycle is amazing; I'm not sure how you're meant to climb up but standing next to a wall and spamming space seemed to do it. Getting to the treasure to the left was fun :D

Can you "win" after finding enough treasure? I got up to 7 then fell out of the map :< Nice work overall :D

Fun :D You could increase the difficulty by not being allowed to hit the walls (or add non-hittable walls later in the game), and it would be nice if it was easier to slow down once you start moving quickly :P Really good for your first game, hope you make more

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Hi André, thanks a lot for the feedback! Outlines for the bridge pieces sounds like a good idea - currently the pieces get bigger when they can be placed and are red tinted when they can't, but using outlines would definitely be neater and more consistent.

Allowing movement while placing the pieces would mean rethinking the control scheme, but you're right that it disrupts the gameplay currently. Changing that, and making the pieces easier to place, are probably going to be the highest priorities.

Thanks again for the feedback :D

Hi Steven Miller, thanks for the comment! I've uploaded another version which fixes the bug you mentioned, thanks for reporting it. Placing bridge pieces is definitely too finicky; the snap-to idea sounds like a good solution. The worst part is placing the last piece and I wasn't able to find an easy solution for that (maybe a very large "final area" would work?).

Link to the documentation:

Apologies for forgetting to attach this when submitting the entry.

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Ok that Trumptopus is hilarious, I have no idea what's happening but the game already looks fun

Here's my slightly cryptic screenshot: