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Great game, on par with Dashcam, humour on point!

Showing "word population" is such a good way to hint that there's more to the game than you'd first expect. Really enjoyed this one! (got all 3 endings)

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I also got stuck on "click to continue" after beating the 5th room... otherwise, very polished game and very challenging! I somehow insta-won against the slime girl (5 seconds into the round), but maybe she was just easily impressed...

That sound when the tiles click into place is really satisfying - just one of the many little touches that makes the game feel incredibly polished, really well done!

Really cool mechanic with the magic glasses! So sad that the pizza had been locked away for so long that it went off...

My legit strat was to wait on the cloud until a heart balloon appeared, for guaranteed lives. It would be cool to have a "combo" bonus for number of jumps completed in a row. Game works really well and I really like the art!

Great use of "attack and move are the same action" - very simple game, feels very polished (main menu, high score tracking etc)

Really nice concept! I think it would be cool if the flour "weakened" the fortress in some way, or maybe the rocks don't hit undiscovered blocks, because my strategy ended up being "spam rocks at the floor to win" - but revealing the fortress with flour is a really cool idea

Got stuck in the floor a lot but eventually got to the end! Was stuck on level one but once I worked out the trap timing + controls I got through the rest of the levels. Was good to see early progress in the discord!

Very simple game - I liked the quick-fire rounds every 10 seconds!

Reminds me of metroid, the timed explosion mechanic is really cool! Everything fits together really too - really solid game with room for more levels eventually

Art is really cool! The witch flopping around and hopping on the soup works really well. Just overall a really solid game

Very challenging! Managed to beat the third level eventually, but had to restart the game a few times because it seemed to get stuck after failing more than once in a row

Very short, but easy to replay so I think I got all the endings... I liked the humour!

Short but really cool mechanic! Can definitely see it being extended into a full game

Having the jaws chomp down as part of the UI layer was a nice touch! I'm not sure if there was much gameplay implemented - I could chomp the guys but couldn't take damage or move on, was I missing something?

The out of power sequence was really cool, the audio mixing was great! And purposely crashing the game was a nice touch. Once I worked out how to open the presents to survive 6am it got very intense juggling the different mechanics. The style reminds me of this video:

Well done!

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I got to 3 days, score 9000-something. Was hoping to get to the ending! But I think I was pretty far off. It would be nice if the wetness level went down, even really slowly (e.g. 1 point every few seconds), so you can eventually recover from a mistake. Having bystanders comment on how wierd the old man is was a really good way to tick off the "bizarre" part of the theme!

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Thanks! I'm drawing a lot of parallels between our games (simple mechanic, score ticking up, text boxes to encourage people to keep playing)... just leaving a comment on your game now

Glad you enjoyed! I agree the axe looks like something to avoid - maybe the powerups should all share a similar background colour to show they're all good things (depending on situation)

Thanks for playing!

High praise, thanks for playing!

Would love to see checkpoints added!

I really like the aesthetics and retro theme! I was very good at blowing myself up with nuclear reactors

Short and bittersweet - I'm all about tasmanian tigers so I enjoyed the message at the end

Nice! I ran across a bug where you try to open all the windows at once and they get pushed off the screen, but other than that everything worked nicely. I'm guessing "Papers Please" was an inspiration?

Wow, I spent so much time getting past the fridge level and got totally meme'd at the squid game platforms - is there any way to skip or hit a checkpoint? The huge guy running at you set a good level of tension

Same problem here!

Love the aesthetic! The child has been destroyed

Thanks for the feedback! The game over screen should show the distance you reached, so if it wasn't showing up there might be a bug I need to look into...

I think the problem is I'm on Linux and .rar files don't seem to play nicely there... I'll see if I can find a workaround!

Very short but the art is very nice - I noticed that the longer you stay on the "thanks" screen the more laggy the game gets - not sure if it's meant to continue to another level or not?

Would be nice if you could jump on the couch and bed as you pass them, maybe with some bonus points Tony Hawk Pro Skater-style

Nice work! Really cool to come up with a whole storyline based on the prompt - I couldn't think of anything when I saw it but this works really well. The black-and-white style and artwork is definitely the highlight for me. Would be interested to see where the story goes!

(I came across one bug - after asking Albert to keep his long hair, he appears in two places at once in one of the later frames)

Noooo I was on wave 16 and my laptop ran out of battery! It was definitely enjoyable - I'm not sure if it was an exploit but I used the "wave select" screen time to go destroy the asteroids for an early head start on money. I really like the idea of needing to split your time up between staying near the "boy" and exploring for resources and turret upgrades.

I never understood what the "wave select" screen was doing - is that choosing the difficulty of the next wave?

Music is very nice, did you do the art as well?

Managed to win! (there's a bug where you can't play again after winning - you get an instant "you won" screen when you try)

I got confused since the "hope" towers need extra space around them to place, but other than that it was intuitive! I wanted the towers to "predict" where the nightmares would be so they would stop missing, but in the end my strategy was to use the fast towers for accuracy and the slow towers for spray and pray which ended up working together well.

Nice work overall!

I can't extract the .rar for some reason, not sure if anyone else is having the same problem... is there somewhere else I can download the game?

I think I won (hit the 3 snot balls back 3 times each), but I got the same "slow down" ending so not sure! Having the crosshair change colour when you'll land a successful hit is a nice touch, and hitting people with the handbag was very satisfying. Would be nice to have a mouse sensitivity option since I found it very hard to aim consistently

Managed to save Bear, he just had such a way with words... Enjoyed the game, with same thoughts for improvement for below - after first dish introductions, would be nice to just go into "select" mode to save some time.

I really liked that you need to land combos to stay alive. The eating sound effect is really satisfying. Managed a best score of 198 - one thing I was confused by was sometimes I'd use the special ability and instead of wiping out enemies, it pushed them all away and I'd die instantly 😅 other than that, really enjoyed it! It gives me Amorphous vibes (

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I worked out a few of the mechanics if it helps:

- Eating more that one enemy at once will fill the special ability bar (and regain more health than you lose from the teleport)
- if you get hit, it will take a while before the special ability bar starts filling again
- There's a small health regen, so if you might have to go into "evasion" mode (WASD and shift, no teleporting) while it refills

Glad you enjoyed!