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thanks for the response! I will not post my game to this gamejam :P

ooh, great! I'm thinking of doing the same thing!

I think about how combat is in games: we have HP, MP, critical hits, skill trees, turn-based, tile-based, real-time, dual-techs, multi-classing, etc, etc, etc... games have a deep well of mechanics for how we can murder one another, but when it comes to *ahem* loving one another, there's very little. is a game about sex, but with no explicit graphics (or sounds >_>) acceptable in this game jam? I'm not an artist, anyway, and the point isn't graphics; the point is to see what kind of systems I can come up with (and how much I have to break RPG Maker to do it :P) there will be sexual text!

I'm going to make this game/experiment, anyway; just looking for a game jam to fit it into, if possible. I totally understand if such a game seems inappropriate for this jam!

I'm definitely up for more sexy games; it seems strange to have sex as a punishment, though. like if there was a Mario game where every time you found a secret, you took a hit, it'd be like "you put secrets here for me to find, right? why are you punishing me for doing it? finding secrets is great."

awesome demo; love the art, the pacing, the puzzles...

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I'm also more interested in fewer-color options, and even no-transparency options! I like to limit myself to a low number of colors.


aw, thanks :)

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! this was secretly a prequel to pom gets wi-fi?! amazing

I like how the difficulty ramps by introducing new emojis on other edges of the screen - I didn't see that coming! but the game was very buggy, and I was unable to play it much: sometimes, after opening an envelope, I was just unable to drag emojis around anymore. I also definitely lost one game after throwing a lightbulb to the middle of the lightbulb side of the screen, although it's possible the timing was coincidental, and I had actually lost for failing to distribute other emojis (due to the dragging issues).

I totally understand that it can be hard to work out all issues in such a short period of time, though. (I've published my share of bugs >_> haha)

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the risk/reward of holding a selfie pose is perfect. it's simple, it's easy to understand, and it provides constant meaningful choices. it's also exciting when you get lucky and no food falls on you for a while! 5/5 game design! (also, it's amazing what the addition of music does to a game! my entry lacks music...)

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 ! I NEVER EVEN CONSIDERED making a non-video game! amazing.

there doesn't seem to much decision-making in this game, though. I feel like I just draw tiles and hope I don't get a fishing rod. but the following line makes me think I may just be playing the game wrong: "The game is lost when a fishing rod is drawn, or when all tokens are gone." from how I understood the rules, it seems like it's impossible for all the tokens to be gone: since there's four rods, I would HAVE to draw one before drawing the last tile? am I missing something?

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a really cool mechanic; I like this use of a camera! I could easily see this being expanded into a much larger game!

only one day left! I think I basically have to call the game "done" at this point... I'll probably spend what time I can find tomorrow adding stats to the "album" (that graph emoji! it must be respected!) like: % of different wildlife fished... # of planets visited... anything else I can think of... (distance travelled? I dunno...)

I'm also jealous of okkie's graphics. I've tried to draw graphics without hard outlines, and they're always way worse :P

I live in the US, and have apparently completely missed that "eggplant" has some kind of alternate meaning >_> do I need to search this on urbandictionary, or something? :P

! mine were not colored at all!

I annotated mine, for future reference:

I'm not hosting this jam, so take this with a grain of salt, but: I believe reuse of existing assets is fair game. I've often used and for sounds and music.

and this usually applies to code, too; ex: if you were making something in JavaScript, of course you'd be allowed to install packages via NPM; if PHP, composer; if C#, NuGet...

I usually go ham on inheritance. apparently this is because I'm old. so for emojijam, I'm going to go ham on composition instead. (hopefully I don't produce a tangled nightmare of code in the process :P)

is anyone else taking the opportunity to try anything new? a new framework? a new language?