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I like how the difficulty ramps by introducing new emojis on other edges of the screen - I didn't see that coming! but the game was very buggy, and I was unable to play it much: sometimes, after opening an envelope, I was just unable to drag emojis around anymore. I also definitely lost one game after throwing a lightbulb to the middle of the lightbulb side of the screen, although it's possible the timing was coincidental, and I had actually lost for failing to distribute other emojis (due to the dragging issues).

I totally understand that it can be hard to work out all issues in such a short period of time, though. (I've published my share of bugs >_> haha)

Yeah thanks for playing! I am aware of the bugs when envelopes start to mount up but couldn't figure them out before the jam finished. If I get round to it I will try to fix them up!