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 ! I NEVER EVEN CONSIDERED making a non-video game! amazing.

there doesn't seem to much decision-making in this game, though. I feel like I just draw tiles and hope I don't get a fishing rod. but the following line makes me think I may just be playing the game wrong: "The game is lost when a fishing rod is drawn, or when all tokens are gone." from how I understood the rules, it seems like it's impossible for all the tokens to be gone: since there's four rods, I would HAVE to draw one before drawing the last tile? am I missing something?

You are definitely right about the end of the game. Adding more rods was a last minute thing because I thought the game was too easy. But there is a little strategy in getting both characters on the centre spot to win. If the snail is on the centre and a sand token is drawn, it has to move away. So the winning move is to get one character on the centre with the other character within one move and hope you draw their token. 

Thanks for the feedback!