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Thank you so much! I just logged in for the first time in a while, and I can't believe I made this last August. WOW. I love making stuff on the internet! Isn't it the best? But that consistency will kick your butt. Your story sounds so much like my story, too. 

I decided last December to take a real extended hiatus and do literally nothing (except my day job and keeping myself alive), and it's only now that I'm actually feeling that itch to make again. I REALLY needed that time off, and I still don't quite know what I'm going to do next, but at least I'm still a person who WANTS to make things. 

Yes, I did want to include some starter cards! This was a first draft for a short game jam on a holiday weekend, so expect revisions. :) There is certainly the freedom to add a judgement mechanic, but my aim was to make a cooperative storytelling game, not a competitive one.

You are definitely right about the end of the game. Adding more rods was a last minute thing because I thought the game was too easy. But there is a little strategy in getting both characters on the centre spot to win. If the snail is on the centre and a sand token is drawn, it has to move away. So the winning move is to get one character on the centre with the other character within one move and hope you draw their token. 

Thanks for the feedback!