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Wanted to print the design doc - got b&w emojis

A topic by madmarcel created Jun 16, 2017 Views: 308 Replies: 8
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I wanted to print the design document so that I could show my kids...and the no matter what I tried, the emojis were rendered in black and white.

So if you want to print the document, here's an image of two slapped together screenshots from my phone, with all the emojis in colour.

Game Design Document
All ze colours

Hey! That's pretty interesting! Depending of the device with which we saw the document, emoji look not exactly the same! It can probably change reading of the document! Its has  a lot of interpretation! That's crazy!

Here is what i see:

The sprite for the dancer change all my conception, for exemple; Incredible.


! mine were not colored at all!

I annotated mine, for future reference:

huh, real neat to see the differences in how we ended up interpreting the doc


Damn! Some emoji are missing. It makes it  harder! 

Love your notes btw ahah!


Seeing the differences between the emojis you are seeing and how you're interpretting them is fascinating. Keep it up!

Surprisingly, the octopus got a lot of different interpretations, best one was:
CHTULHU! (I am so using that :)

The dancer and the bridge also confused a lot of people - seem to both have large variation in depiction.

The eggplant has a VERY specific meaning, is only used in that context in the US.  It's just a plain ol' veggie for the rest of the world.
So, since I am not US based, I did not get any rude suggestions for that one :D


I'm french and we use eggplant for some sort of suggestion too ahah


I live in the US, and have apparently completely missed that "eggplant" has some kind of alternate meaning >_> do I need to search this on urbandictionary, or something? :P