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Sounds like a great use of the jam. Glad to see some people jamming alone (or at all) for the first time too! Good luck with all the learning this week.

So glad you get it and are on board! The openness is what makes inspired us to make this jam in the first place.

Posted in Use of assets?

Yep, we're more than happy for you to use (appropriately licensed and credited) pre-made assets as you wish.

Seeing the differences between the emojis you are seeing and how you're interpretting them is fascinating. Keep it up!

The GDD is primarily suggestions and silliness. It's designed to inspire your game, but doesn't have to be used word-for-word (or emoji-for-emoji, as it were).

Glad you're interested in the Queerly Rep It workshop! It's running a little late (there were some audio issues with the file) but it should be available soon~

Yay! I can't wait to share my workshop with you on the 24th Feb.