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The game needs to be based on Emoji's or not?

A topic by AcnologiaRyu created Jun 15, 2017 Views: 431 Replies: 6
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Hi, I was just reading the GDD and was slightly confused. I get that the GDD is in emojis. Should our game also contains emoji's in it.

Jam Host(+3)

Hi! The GDD is meant to be taken as ambiguously as you like. Whether or not you put actual emojis in your game is up to you!

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The GDD is pretty ambiguous and doesn't really make much sense to me. Like the title has to include something about sunsets and waves but the key features need to include a ball dancer and a burger, what?   🤔 


The GDD is primarily suggestions and silliness. It's designed to inspire your game, but doesn't have to be used word-for-word (or emoji-for-emoji, as it were).


"The GDD doesn't make much sense to me"
I've shown it to a bunch of people and got swamped with ideas. People have so many different interpretations, it's awesome. Love it.


So glad you get it and are on board! The openness is what makes inspired us to make this jam in the first place.

Jam Host

So awesome to hear about all the ideas, and glad that you love it! :D