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using the game jam as an excuse to learn something new...

A topic by benmakesgames created Jun 16, 2017 Views: 211 Replies: 5
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I usually go ham on inheritance. apparently this is because I'm old. so for emojijam, I'm going to go ham on composition instead. (hopefully I don't produce a tangled nightmare of code in the process :P)

is anyone else taking the opportunity to try anything new? a new framework? a new language?


I have always worked in group. That's my first jam alone and on a really long period (never jamed an entire week).

Also my photoshop is pretty buggy this time so i'm trying a software named FireAlpaca. Really strange to use after PS ahah

This is my first jam, period. So having a strict time constraint, even if it's a bit longer than some jams, is something I'm trying to get used to. My only real goal outta this is just to make something playable by the end, so we'll see what happens


Sounds like a great use of the jam. Glad to see some people jamming alone (or at all) for the first time too! Good luck with all the learning this week.

And I want to try Unreal. Hope to fabricobble something playable and not to drop jam somewhere halfway through.


This will be my very first game jam ever.  I just loved the emoji idea.