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Yeah,  sorry about the bug, just uploading a fix now. To be honest you didn't miss anything  as it should just open a "You won!" screen :p

That's amazing, thank you! I love how far this game has travelled now :D

Yep,  an asset is basically just any component that is put into the game, like a sound file or a 3D model.

Thank you! Probably just new project euphoria but am very excited :

Hey I'm just getting errors when I try to play this I'm afraid!  I got to the hellraiser title screen then got about 5 errors which I skipped then the game didn't start playing properly

The talking SFX are so good!

This is really lovely, I like how the shouting guys seem really scary until they're surrounded by nice rainbow people and then they just look silly.  Just like irl :p

Lovely! Could use some effects/anim, but great style.

Excellent! A really robust and fun game to work out as you go along. 

Cool idea, and a lot for an individual to achieve in the time. Message is simple but clearly communicated with the visuals once you fully explore everything. Won't spoil it here but there is an "ohh!" moment at the end when you realise what's going on.

Took me a while to get to grips with this game, I think mainly because the players focus is divided between the play area and the bars to the right. It can be tricky to divide your attention without running into unwanted blocks as the snake style game play requires a high degree of concentration. 

I liked how the ludonarrative put you in a position of deliberately avoiding unwanted gender/sexual expressions as hazards. For example, playing as a teenage boy, crashing into "attracted to men" sets you back as if it were a negative, and put the player in the mindset of the  gender stereotype each challenge represents, with the text encouraging the player to adopt this mindset. However there is a risk that if the player does not take on that mindset, they could interpret this as a universal statement (ie. "you have to avoid the "attracted to men" because being gay is bad") rather than one in the mindset of the player character ("I'm a teenage boy who is afraid of being seen as gay").

I am also aware that many trans activists are critical of the "array of sliders" description of gender expression and identity and would be uncomfortable with the "biological male-ness/biological female-ness" type slider in particular. This is of course a risk inherent to making games about sensitive subjects ;)

The I found the visuals very clean and easy to read. Making the text bigger or framed might help draw the eye as they are key to understanding the game and I initially overlooked it.

I did not come across any bugs and I found levels quite varied and challenging. Well executed and an interesting concept, you may just need to be mindful of some of the pitfalls presented by the subject matter.

Game now finished and submitted!

We are away this weekend so we won't get chance to work on our entry any more before the end of the jam. However we are pleased with the result and hope to work on a full version post jam.


Updated with sound, title, boss, effects, general improvement!

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Hi Guys,

I had not heard of the Rainbow Jam until Saturday night, but I have managed to rope in my wife for code, and she has then managed to rope in another friend for sound design. Having started a day or so behind and already having plans this weekend and next, our scope is a little more limited than we would like but we are currently on track.

The premise is one I thought of a few years ago and even go to the point of making concept art for, but never developed. It is a vertical scrolling shoot-em-up, where you have to "tune" the colour of your laser to that of the enemy's. Being the wrong color means you do little or no damage, whilst getting it right means you blow them up.  You can a play a test version using the link below - the ship is moved by the mouse, while the colour of the beam is tuned by using the mouse wheel or A and D.

Feedback welcome, although remember this a WIP.


Frost Dragon

Hi, only just found out this was a thing but gonna give it a go. 

Done three Ludum Dares as a team artist, and one as a solo project ( so familiar with jamming but not done such a long one before.

Just finished making a video game about growing up trans as part of the Continuum exhibition at Manchester's People's History Museum ( which is currently showing until September. Am planning a larger indie project, but struggling to get a handle on where to start so this jam might be a good bit of padding before I take on another big project. Will most likely be working mostly solo but with coding assistance from my game dev wife, and have a composer as a potential for sound design.

Good luck everyone :)