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Thankyou for letting me know! It looks like a server upgrade caused an issue. That's now fixed and the online mode should be back working.

You Will Be Found is a short game where you need to survive for as long as you can.  You aren't meant to be there and your presence is corrupting the world around you. You have to keep moving to evade detection for as long as possible but eventually you will be detected and then the Whispers will begin to hunt you down. You can buy time by screaming but eventually they will find you.

The game has an online and an offline mode. In the online mode the paths that other players have taken will also corrupt those areas of your world. And just as their paths corrupt your world, your path will corrupt theirs.

Many of the balance settings of the game have been exposed as well so you can make the game more or less challenging. You can also easily share those settings with others using the balance code.


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! You found most of the data pads. There's 5 in total but some are really hidden out of the way.

Thankyou! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Thankyou for playing it!

I’m glad you enjoyed it! Sounds like you hit the timing perfectly. There’s only the tiniest bit of buffer in the timing. 

I’m definitely looking at making more like it. 

That’s awesome to hear :) Thankyou for playing it!

Thankyou for playing it! I’m glad you enjoyed it :) I want to revisit and expand some of the games this year. I’m just not sure which one I’ll do first yet. 

Thankyou for playing! I’m glad you enjoyed it :)

Thankyou! Great to hear you enjoyed it :)

Thankyou for playing! At the moment there's only the one way it ends. Getting the balance fairly on supply usage, plus some last minute bugs, took longer to sort than expected. It's a game I want to come back to and do more on though :)

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Thankyou for playing! There's a few improvements I'll be making to it.

Thankyou for playing! :)

Thankyou for playing! Yep, it is possible to activate the beacon but surviving long enough for that to happen is the challenge.

Thankyou! :)

Thankyou for playing Monument!


Thank you for playing it! :)

Thankyou! :)


I'm Iain and this is my first time joining in on the Rainbow Game Jam so I'm pretty excited to get started :) I'm primarily a programmer (C++/C#, Unreal and Unity) but I also do design and a some modelling and sound design. My background is in the games industry and these days I do indie dev and teach game development here in Australia. This year I've been pushing myself to build and release more games and at times it helps to have the external motivation of a game jam. I'm a big believer in the idea that games can be a force for good and for me this is a chance to push myself to make something and to make something that is a positive addition to the world.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the cool things everyone creates :)