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A member registered Feb 10, 2017

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hello everyone sorry to be late to the party!! I'm a 2D artist looking for team! Although I'm based in Japan, I'll do my best to keep active and sync times with you! 

I'm a little rusty at making games but here's an old example:  http://www.cerengunes.com/freyr.html

my current folio is: cerengunes.com

Hope we can get along! Good luck everyone!

Hello! I'm Ceren, an artist originally from Scotland, now living in Japan. (Back home for a short holiday though. Jet lag and gorgeous weather today!) 

To be honest it's been quite a while since i've made a game or been in a games jam. I'm super nervous but wanna get back into game dev hopefully with this jam! As a pansexual person, with a lovely non binary partner, this is an important theme for me. Love and games are for everyone. 

I work classic crazy Tokyo hours and I know the time difference is inconvenient, but I hope I can find a team to work with on making a beautiful game. Nice to meet you all!

Hey Toma!

Nice to meet you. I'd love to work with you. What would be the best way to keep in touch? I use LINE and recently got Discord (Cerenios #1165 )

Thanks for your kind words on Freyr :)

Hey Keegan!

I'm an artist looking for a coder/team! I have some experience working in Unity. 3D assets creaged in Maya.

It's from a few years ago, but here's a game project i worked on as 3D assets artist (bookshelf, coathanger, some furniture) and illustrator: http://www.cerengunes.com/gnomes.html

My folio is here! www.cerengunes.com

I'm based in Tokyo so I hope the time delays won't be an issue if you're interested (* ̄∇ ̄)ノ Let me know!


I'm an artist with a range of abilities, strongest in 2D, working on my 3D (environment/assets) skills. I'm looking for a team or a coder.

I'm based in Tokyo, and I get we might have a big time difference but I hope that doesn't put you off! I'll try to work on the jam late nights.

It's been a few years since I've done a jam or created game assets so I'm a bit nervous but super excited. Hope you like my stuff, lets create something beautiful and meaningful. :)

Game project I've worked on in the past: http://www.cerengunes.com/freyr.html

Folio: http://www.cerengunes.com