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Natalie Clayton

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you have no idea

Oh no lmao I made this as a wee side project at a game design Uni. Can Androids Pray was the thing I made which juggling a journalism gig.

ah fuck! I didn't even consider that!

(1 edit)

I THINK it might be fixed now: amended the archival format and have been told it works. Please let me know if you're getting it asap!

Hi: I just changed the file format on this version and I'm TOLD it works. If you could try again and let me know asap that'd be great!

Hi, sorry! It's something I'm looking into (though I'm fairly busy at the moment). Unfortunately, I don't have a mac machine to create builds on and I'm told that creating them through Windows might be the problem

sorry! There are some weird issues going on with this title that I've no clue about. Might look into sometime in future



Yo I was just messing around with Bitsy and learning the tool - decided to try make some neat tilesets, put them in a little world, and it kinda snowballed into A Thing



I'm totally aware of the Mac issues, sorry! Been away at events the last couple weeks, and with me not having a Mac it's hard to really work out if fixes work, but thanks for letting me know.


I'm Natalie, something of a  designer / artist / I don't know / speaker / procrastinator / maybe writer?? / COOL KID from Edinburgh! I've been with ScotRainbowGameDev since it's birth in small twitter conversations, but was too exhausted from work last year to take part in Rainbow Jam D: Now that I'm a graduate, I suddenly have a LOT of spare time, and hope to take part fully this year. I recently released a smol free game about transitioning (and trains), and am super into seeing how other people can use games as a platform for queer expression. That, and I'm really trying to flex my dev muscles and create more cool tiny games, so another jam is perfect.

Anyways, looking forwards to seeing y'all come JAM TIME.

Haven't a clue!