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What are you making?

A topic by subpixel created Aug 14, 2016 Views: 693 Replies: 16
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A SNES era action RPG! At least that's what I'm aiming to make. Who knows what'll actually happen!

What are you intending to make?


although the theme hasn't been announced, I have some ideas around the topic of identity that I'm thinking of working on

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Haven't a clue!

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Waiting for the theme to be announced although have a few game ideas that I'm wanting to try out. May see if I can get the theme to fit in with one of them ^_^


The competition rules say they're light on thematic rigor, so if you have an idea that you're already inspired by, I'm sure you can fit it around the theme ^__^ For this kind of jam too, the premise of the jam is already such a huge part of the theme that it's not a stretch to imagine whatever you're thinking of now will find a home there.

The important part is to get your engines revved up and ready to go!


I'll most likely be diving into Adventure Game Studio and making a beautiful... adventure game.

I'll be learning all about puzzle dependency charts and fine leather jackets!


I'm thinking of coding an old style text adventure game (but perhaps updated with background images and SFX), with a story related to the theme.

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Not a clue,not even sure if i can make anything don't really have a team or experience.

Maybe off topic but how do u guys/girls find partners?


If you are looking to build a team I'd suggest posting in the facebook event:


Best of luck!

Thanks will post there


I'm thinking of remaking an old, failed concept which I think would be adequate for the event. With new art and new code of course. But I might change my mind if it's too different from the announced theme!

No idea yet! I'm just going to let the inspiration hit me once the theme is announced. :) Plan to go it solo -- I've only got a couple weeks of hobbyist game dev experience under my belt, so this will be fun!

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Now the theme has been announced what is everyone making?

I'm working on a 2D space shooter with waves of enemies but going to be exploring the 2 player 1 controller constraint with this game. Hoping this can be a project I can push myself at for adding extra interesting features that I've not done yet for a game!

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a gba inspired puzzle-dungeon game !


I'm going to make a sort of tower defense stlye game. Also going for the "Universal Understanding" and "Cross Continetal" diversifiers, and MAYBE "Sharing Is Caring" if Single player works out. :)

Quick questions... Does no text mean no text even for my title logo? :P


title is fine :)


I'm making a one room arcade. Old style gameplay :-D